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How to Delete or Disable All Alarms on Your iPhone

The iPhone’s Clock app can only turn off or delete a single alarm at a time. But, if you have a lot of alarms and want to delete them all—or just turn off all alarms at once—Siri’s got you covered.


How to Get Started Editing Videos with Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is a huge step up from iMovie, which is the video editor most macOS users probably started out with. Final Cut Pro X functions similarly but packs in a whole lot more power while sticking to iMovie’s simple design.


How to Make Android as Secure as Possible

Mobile security is a big deal, probably now more than ever. Most of us live on our phones, with financial information, calendar appointments, family photos, and more stored on our devices. Here’s how to keep your Android phone secure.


Hackers stole customer credit cards in Newegg data breach


Newegg is clearing up its website after a month-long data breach.

Hackers injected 15 lines of card skimming code on the online retailer’s payments page which remained for more than a month between August 14 and September 18, Yonathan Klijnsma, a threat researcher at RiskIQ, told TechCrunch. The code siphoned off credit card data from unsuspecting customers to a server controlled by the hackers with a similar domain name — likely to avoid detection. The server even used an HTTPS certificate to blend in.

The code also worked for both desktop and mobile customers — though it’s unclear if mobile customers are affected.

The online electronics retailer removed the code on Tuesday after it was contacted by incident response firm Volexity, which first discovered the card skimming malware and reported its findings.

Newegg is one of the largest retailers in the US, making $2.65 billion in revenue in 2016. The company touts more than 45 million monthly unique visitors, but it’s not known precisely how many customers completed transactions during the period.

When reached, a Newegg spokesperson did not immediately comment.

Klijnsma called the incident “another well-disguised attack” that looked near-identical to the recent British Airways credit card breach. Like that breach, RiskIQ attributed the Newegg credit card theft to the Magecart group, a collective of hackers that carry out targeted attacks against vulnerable websites.

The code used in both skimming attacks was near identical, according to the research.

“The breach of Newegg shows the true extent of Magecart operators’ reach,” said Klijnsma. “These attacks are not confined to certain geolocations or specific industries—any organization that processes payments online is a target.”

Like previous card skimming campaigns, he said that the hackers “integrated with the victim’s payment system and blended with the infrastructure and stayed there as long as possible.”

Anyone who entered their credit card data during the period should immediately contact their banks.

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BlueStacks 4 boasts better Android gaming on PCs than on phones

Smartphones these days, especially the really expensive ones, have become super powerful they can almost do anything. Despite that, PCs still have an edge when it comes to sheer processing and graphics power. If only you could take that power and use it for mobile apps, mobile games most especially. That’s pretty much the thinking behind the latest BlueStacks 4 … Continue reading


Mr. Know-It-All on Honesty and Social Media


A Wired retro item, from the 25th anniversary issue


US government payment site leaks 14 million customer records

dims?crop=2136%2C1404%2C0%2C0&quality=85Government Payment Service Inc — the company thousands of local governments in the US use to accept online payments for everything from court-ordered fines and licensing fees — has compromised more than 14 million customer records dating back to 20…


How to Get Started Making YouTube Videos

YouTube is a social media platform where you can create and upload video content for anyone to view. Some people make whole careers on YouTube, and the feeling of having people watch something you made entices many people to try their hand at it. So how do you start?


Spock’s planet ‘Vulcan’ found years after Star Trek prediction

Star Trek character Spock originated from the fictional planet Vulcan, which was said to (probably) exist in real life orbiting around the star 40 Eridani A. That prediction was made in 1991 by series creator Gene Roddenberry and a trio of astronomers, and now decades later it has been proven mostly true: a planet at that location has been discovered. … Continue reading


How to Hide Suggestions in Windows 10’s Timeline

Windows Timeline extends the Task View mode to show you the history of activities performed on your PC—or even your other devices if you have syncing turned on. Sometimes, Microsoft sticks suggestions on your timeline for you. Here’s how to make them go away.


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