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Twitter Reportedly Purged 58 Million Accounts in Just Three Months


Twitter has pursued various efforts to make its platform a less nightmarish place and, in recent months, those measures have reportedly taken the form of a sustained mass purge. According to data obtained by the Associated Press, the social network suspended 58 million accounts in the last quarter of 2017.

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Time to say goodbye to these overused Twitter joke formats


There are not that many ways to make jokes on Twitter. Most jokes follow some kind of viral template — which is (one of) the reasons the platform often feels like a cursed echo chamber.

And, of course, some formats are better than others. Even the good ones — which should have finite shelf lives — tend to overstay their welcome. (Remember the biggest crossover event in history?)

That is why, despite our trepidation, we gotta call it on the following joke formats. It’s not that they were never good; it’s that they aren’t good anymore. So please stop using them, and we will try to do the same. Read more…

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Stephen King just perfectly summed up Twitter in 2 simple sentences


He may have written some incredibly long novels, but Stephen King does brevity well too.

You only need to read some of the many, many Twitter barbs he’s aimed at the U.S. President to know how lethal he can be over a shorter character count.

On Sunday, the horror master decided to tweet his thoughts about Twitter itself. And the simile he used pretty much nailed it.

I like Twitter. It’s like gossiping over the world’s longest backyard fence.

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) June 25, 2018

On the one hand it’s sort of surprising that he’s now saying he likes Twitter after he described it as an “intellectual dead zone” just last month. But still — maybe the micro blogging site is winning him over? Read more…

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Just tweeting a story with WH advisor’s number could get you blocked (updated)


Just tweeting a story with WH advisor’s number could get you blocked (updated)  EngadgetTwitter suspends users for sharing article with Trump adviser’s phone number  The Daily DotFull coverage


8 Tools to Enhance Your Experience with Twitter

software-discovery-featured.jpgTwitter has been a great place for many people, as it lets them convey their message in a very concise way. While the service has all the features to let your message out, there are still many improvements that can be made to it. In this week’s roundup we’ll cover eight tools from our Software Discovery section that will let you enhance your Twitter experience. Some of these tools will add more features to Twitter, while others will let you remove the stuff you don’t want. Let’s check them out. 1. Twodio With Twodio you can send audio tweets. Just record your voice or any… Read more

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Why Twitter Started Banning Some of Its Youngest Users


Twitter, in an effort to comply with the European Union’s privacy-centric General Data Protection Regulation, has begun to suspend accounts belonging users who were under the age of 13 when they first signed up. While the cynic in me is all for Twitter cleansing its service of youths, it isn’t exactly implementing …

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You Really Need to Delete Your Old Tweets


When we last rounded up our staff’s Weekly Upgrades, our editors were sprucing up our backyards, soothing our souls with Dolly Parton, and upping our laundry game.

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If You’re Tweeting During a Disaster, You’re Probably Spreading Fake News


The old adage about a lie traveling halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on has been made true thanks to Twitter. According to a new study, the vast majority of people using the platform during disasters and breaking news events spread false information without ever getting it a second thought.

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How to Keep Hackers Out of Your Facebook and Twitter Accounts


Scammers, pranksters, and bad actors all want to break into whatever social media accounts they can. Here’s how to keep yours safe.


The ‘I get high on’ meme has fans sharing what gets them hyped


420 was a while ago, but the internet is still buzzed. This time, it’s off a meme. 

The “I get high on” meme has Twitter fans bypassing drugs, and going straight for the things they love, whether it’s part of their favorite songs or scenes for incredible movies. 

Who needs weed when you have “Africa” by Toto to get you hyped?

i get high on:

⚪️ life

⚪️ drugs

🔘 Africa by Toto

— Plathanos 🐝🇩🇴 (@SavinTheBees) April 25, 2018

Cocaine? Never heard of her. Have you seen the Shibutani siblings at the 2016 Skate America Gala? You can’t say this performance doesn’t get you feeling some type of way. Read more…

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