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Sorry, Banning ‘Killer Robots’ Just Isn’t Practical

Elon Musk and others seek restrictions on use of autonomous weapons by Tom Simonite #Wired #News #Tech #Internet

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WhatsApp gets a colorful update to its text statuses feature

WhatsApp today announced a new form of status update — this time with colorful text and backgrounds. Now, when users have a text update to share, they have the option of doing so with a bright background or font. According to a spokesperson: Now you never have to worry about getting the word out to all your family and friends. Whether you’re looking for vacation recommendations or notifying a group about the address for a party, the text-based status feature allows you to update your contacts in a fun and personal way. Users have the option to select the font…This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: WhatsApp by Rachel Kaser #TheNextWeb #Internet #tech #news

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The USS John S. McCain’s Crash Only Seems Familiar

The collision with a tanker happened in one of the world’s most congested waterways. by Jack Stewart #Wired #News #Tech #Internet

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Facebook is making its Safety Check easier to find

Facebook today announced it was updating its Safety Check feature, making it easier to find and more useful for people in dire need. It will now have its own dedicated tab with all information consolidated there. According to Facebook’s Disaster Response page: There’s now a single place to go to see where Safety Check has recently been activated, get the information you need and potentially be able to help affected areas. Safety Check isn’t perfect — sometimes it prompts people far outside the crisis area to check in, as our Matthew Hughes pointed out from first-hand experience. When it originally debuted,…This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: Facebook by Rachel Kaser #TheNextWeb #Internet #tech #news

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China fosters innovative AI research through competition

The Chinese government has been unequivocal in its goal to become the global AI leader. Three of the largest tech companies in China — Sougou, China’s second-biggest search giant, Sinovation Ventures, and internet firm Bytedance — have joined forces to bring that plan to fruition. The companies pooled funds and data to create the AI Challenger contest. The contest features a prize pool of 2 million yuan, or approximately $300,000. Entrants will presumably be judged on innovation in the field of AI research. Contestants will eventually have access to a data-set featuring 300,000 image-based objects and more than 10 million…This story continues at The Next Web by Tristan Greene #TheNextWeb #Internet #tech #news

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Android Oreo: You’ll Want It, Even If You Can’t Get It

You’ll want it, even if you can’t get it yet. by David Pierce #Wired #News #Tech #Internet

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Android O is delightfully named Oreo

You can now relax: Android O is officially named Oreo. In an announcement timed – a little melodramatically – to coincide with the solar eclipse in New York, Google revealed the name of its latest and greatest version of Android. Thankfully, it went with the obvious choice, instead or repeating the mistakes of Nougat (which should have been Nutella, obviously). I assume there’s some licensing deal in place. For those who haven’t been keeping up, Oreo isn’t exactly the most significant Android update ever, bit brings a host of useful features, including picture-in-picture video, new emoji, and notification badges. For…This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: Android by Napier Lopez #TheNextWeb #Internet #tech #news

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Mass Effect: Andromeda will get no more DLC — and that’s for the best

The team behind Mass Effect Andromeda announced over the weekend it’d no longer be supporting the game, either through patches or through single-player story DLC. And while that’s a bummer — it’s also no more than we should have expected. I’m not sure exactly what everyone wanted from Bioware’s latest red-headed stepchild. The game was absolutely roasted when it was released. Most reviews that I read were, at best, lukewarm. Everyone got in shots at the incredibly poor animation, not to mention the ever-so-sharp (“My face is tired”) dialogue. Even TNW told our readers not to buy the game until it’d been fixed.…This story continues at The Next Web by Rachel Kaser #TheNextWeb #Internet #tech #news

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Sony PlayStation Social Media Accounts Hacked; Claims PSN Database Breach

After hacking social media accounts of HBO and its widely watched show Game of Thrones, a notorious group of hackers calling itself OurMine took control over the official Twitter and Facebook accounts for Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) on Sunday. After taking over the accounts, OurMine, Saudi Arabian group of hackers which claims to be a “white hat” security firm, posted its first tweet on (Wang Wei) #HackerNews #News #Security #Internet

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Will someone please install Reuben’s thermostat?

Bizzby is a service that lets people book tradespeople and laborers on-demand — think of it like Handy or TaskRabbit. A few hours ago, it sent an email to all of its users — tradies and general public alike — asking if they’d like to install a thermostat for Reuben, from Hartlepool, England. Can someone *urgently* get a plumber to Reuben in Hartlepool, some app has just sent his contact details to their entire database. — Jim Waterson (@jimwaterson) August 21, 2017 The email contained Reuben’s full address — which will almost certainly earn the company a good telling-off…This story continues at The Next Web by Matthew Hughes #TheNextWeb #Internet #tech #news

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