So, yesterday Twitter decided to pull some wonky assed shit. They locked MANY accounts out for ‘rules violations’ (which weren’t), and forced everyone to prove they were human by confirming a phone number.

Seems harmless enough until you find out they left no alternative way to verify your humanity, so if your phone number was out of date or incorrect, you were/are doomed.

twitter bird

I manage a couple of client Twitter accounts, and EVERY account got flagged for these supposed rules violations at once. Doing a password reset using email did nothing to unlock the account…despite obviously confirming a human was involved. Nope…only a phone number world satisfy Twitter’s lust for verification data, and now, thanks to some BAD phone numbers (that nobody advised me to update in advance), 36 hours later I’m still waiting for Twitter support to do something about it. Locked out.

Apparently, I’ve heard some peoples’ followers are disappearing as well, and other weirdnesses have been reported. Something very, VERY wonky is up in bird land.

What’s the deal, Twitter?