Google Drive iOS screenshot

If you store some sensitive files or documents in Google Drive, and you also prefer to access them via an iPhone or iPad, you now have some advanced security options for keeping them safe. The latest update to the Drive app for iOS and iPadOS includes a “Privacy screen” toggle, which will require a biometric scan before opening the app.

The safety feature works with either Touch ID (fingerprint) or Face ID, and users can set the app to lock immediately upon switching or wait ten seconds, one minute, or ten minutes. The feature was added to version 4.2020.18204, which should be in the App Store now.

Oddly, this is a feature that’s entirely new to Drive on mobile. Even the Drive app on Android doesn’t offer it, despite Google’s own mobile platform supporting fingerprint and face scanning natively. But Google’s mobile development teams often work independently—perhaps we’ll see the feature come to Android soon.

Source: 9to5Google

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