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Months after its initial launch, Microsoft is rolling out the new Chromium-based Edge browser  through a Windows Update. According to a Windows Support document, all computers running Windows 10 version 1903 and higher will receive the update, along with the faster, redesigned Edge browser.

The Chromium version of Edge hit the scene in January, but users had to download it manually from Microsoft’s website. Since then, the browser’s seen some major improvements, including compatibility with Chrome extensions, a built-in webpage translator, and a crapware blocker.

Microsoft continues to work with Google to improve the Edge browser. But in our experience, the new Edge is already a serious alternative to Chrome or Firefox. It’s fast as hell, it looks great, and it has better tab controls than the competition. Now that its on your computer, you might as well try it.

You should see a new Windows Update for your computer today or tomorrow. If you’re in a rush to try Edge, or you don’t want to download a WIndows Update, then you can grab a copy of the browser from Microsoft’s website.

Source: Microsoft via The Verge

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