Windows wanted to do update so I said OK and ended up with Microsoft Edge.  What is it and did I do a bad thing? ~S in Woodstock

Dear S,

No, Microsoft isn’t punishing you for your obedience…for a change. Microsoft Edge is a worthy browser, like Google’s Chrome browser and Mozilla’s Firefox. All do the same thing…they let you type in an internet address and view the webpage. All of them just do it a little differently.

If you were already using Edge, the Internet may look a little different after the update. If you weren’t using Edge before, nothing should really change. However, if during the update you somehow switched to Edge as your ‘default browser’ (there are several scenarios where this could happen) your favorites could be missing and things could look VERY different.

If everything looks OK, I suggest trying Edge by clicking on the big, usually blue E in your start menu or task bar. You don’t have to set it as your default browser to use it!

Edge Chrome Firefox Opera

Hope this helped!

~ #PCH3lp💻🛠️