An Android phone with the Google Duo app on the screen.Josh Hendrickson

With much of the world in some form of lockdown, video conferencing is more critical than ever. But before the pandemic started, most personal solutions handled one-on-one calls, what do you do for family or virtual social gatherings? Google Duo wants to help and bumped its caller limit to 32 participants.

We knew Google intended to increase caller limits for Android, as it had already bumped up Duo calls made on the Web to 32. But before this change, Android’s restriction was a paltry 12 callers. Enough for a small gathering, but other services like Facebook already surpassed that limit.

The update is rolling out right now, and you likely already have the change. You may get a pop-up notification letting you know about the change, but even if you haven’t, you can still make the group call. Just start a call and choose 31 people to jump on and talk.

The change seems to be a server-side switch, so if you can’t call more than 12 people, you’ll have to wait for the update to reach you.

via Android Police

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