A Pringle is a hyperbolic paraboloid. Mel Magazine invited several mathematicians to analyze the delicious geometry of the chip. From Mel:

Theron Hitchman, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Northern Iowa: Usually, the way mathematicians talk about this kind of thing is in an equation, but I think equations tend to scare people off, so, I guess you could say that a hyperbolic paraboloid is a kind of surface that, when cut one way, it looks like parabolas opening down, and if you rotate it 90 degrees, it looks like parabolas opening up[…]

[Software engineer and mathematician Varun] Vachhar: Hyperbolic paraboloids are really interesting.

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Source: https://boingboing.net/2021/02/09/mathematicians-analyze-the-geometries-of-the-pringle.html
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