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While the Chromecast with Google TV is famous for its simple, intuitive interface, a confusing boot error that asks you to manually reset the device is pushing some users to their wit’s end. Thankfully, a new Google TV firmware update promises to solve the boot error. Google says that the update should hit your device before the end of the week.

Chromecast with Google TV runs on the Android operating system. When the Android OS doesn’t boot correctly due to a bug, a power issue, or corrupt system files, it loads the Android Recovery Screen and asks you to reset or format your device. Unfortunately, this Recovery Screen is popping up when people turn on their Chromecast and during video playback.

While the Android Recovery Screen is annoying enough on a phone or tablet, it can be a nightmare on the Chromecast with Google TV, as you have to reach behind your TV and press the Chromecast’s button to manually reset the device. The Chromecast remote does not work in Recovery Mode.

It’s been 10 years and this is still what you get when your Android phone or, in this case, Chromecast built on Android TV, doesn’t boot properly. How is the average TV watcher supposed to troubleshoot this?

— Daniel Bader (@journeydan) December 29, 2020

Now, Google is pushing a firmware update that clarifies the Android Recovery Screen’s cryptic language and should “reduce the occurrence of users seeing the Android Recovery Screen” on Chromecast with Google TV. Along with Recovery Mode and bootup improvements, Google says that the firmware release improves 4K streaming and Dolby Atmos support.

The new firmware update is rolling out now and should hit your Chromecast in the next few days. If a notification for the update doesn’t appear on the top of your Google TV homepage, you can try to force the update from the Google Home app on your smartphone. Open Google Home, select your Chromecast with Google TV, and press “reset”—the update should happen as the device reboots.

Source: Google via Android Police

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