In today’s episode of #ComcastSucks…

Seriously though, this is good news. Comcast should be ashamed of trying to charge more for broadband during a pandemic. Here’s what the CT Attorney General had to say about it:

Comcast tried and failed at robbing customers with extra fees for internet access during a pandemic…at least for now.

“Delaying this ill-timed data cap until at least 2022 is the right call,” Connecticut Attorney General William Tong said yesterday. “I have heard from families across Connecticut who easily exceeded this cap while studying and working remotely. Far from so-called super users, these were stories from typical Connecticut families merely trying to stay employed and educate their children during a global pandemic. To raise rates on these families at the very moment they were most reliant on broadband access and least able to pay more was simply unconscionable.”

Comcast reluctantly drops data-cap enforcement in 12 states for rest of 2021 |original article on Ars Technica