• No, it’s not a Bedford Rascal—it’s a new electric pickup truck from Canoo. [credit:
    Canoo ]

If you follow the electric vehicle world closely, you may have heard of Canoo. Started by some former Faraday Future people, the company broke cover in 2019 with a subscription-only electric van that was built on a low-profile skateboard chassis. In December of 2020, after some management changes, Canoo showed off a delivery van using that same platform and then went public via a merger with a special-purpose acquisition company. Later today, the company was going to reveal a third EV—the adorable pickup you see in the gallery above—but someone leaked the images on Reddit a day early.

The pickup certainly looks striking. If it bears resemblance to anything else on the road, it’s probably one of those Japanese microvans, although the Canoo pickup is a regular sized vehicle at 184 inches (4,677 mm) long and 78 inches (1,980 mm) wide.

Like Rivian’s forthcoming R1T and Bollinger’s B2, the Canoo pickup demonstrates the advantage of electric powertrains when it comes to packaging. Canoo’s skateboard platform is particularly low-slung, which allows for a very cab-forward design. There is cargo storage built into the nose of the truck, as well storage bins on the side that also function as steps, similar to those we’ve seen from Rivian.

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Source: https://arstechnica.com/cars/2021/03/this-futuristic-electric-truck-from-canoo-goes-on-sale-in-2023/
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