This wikiHow will teach you how to retrieve deleted Memories on Snapchat using Recoverit with your Android phone or tablet, which will allow you to access deleted images on your Android. If you use an iPhone or iPad, you can use iCloud if you have that set up to restore a backup. However, if you keep a recent backup of your Snapchat account from Snapchat’s settings, you’ll be able to find your deleted Memories within that backup.


  1. Go to the Recoverit download page and click the Windows or macOS button. You can only do this with an Android phone or tablet since the file system works differently for iOS phones and tablets. There are two buttons displaying the Windows logo or macOS to indicate which button leads to which download.
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    • Save the appropriate download file, then open it once it has finished downloading. Many browsers, like Chrome, give you a notification at the bottom of the window that you can click to open the downloaded file.
    • Once you open the downloaded file, follow the on-screen instructions to install Recoverit. For Mac users, this may include dragging and dropping an application from the downloaded file into the Applications folder in Finder. Windows users click Yes and Install through the pop-up prompts until installation is complete.
  2. Connect your Android to your computer via USB cable. Your Android should have come with a cable that can connect your Android and computer; you might have to change the permissions from your Android to allow the USB connection to file transfer.
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  3. Open Recoverit (if it does not open automatically). You’ll find this in the Start menu in Windows or the Applications folder in Finder in Mac.
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  4. Click your Android from the list of “External Devices. It should be the second grouping of options in the menu.
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  5. Look for your Snapchat Memories. Any images that you took on your Android will display as the software scans and finds them. Double-click the file names to see a preview of the image.
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  6. Click . Once you recover the image, it’ll save to your computer.
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