The Ring smart home ecosystem continues to grow with the addition of this outdoor smart plug. It’s a capable but familiar product, offering two independently controllable outlets, a beefy and rugged design (IP66 when off, IP64 when in use; you can read all about IP codes in this other story), and the usual collection of smart features like scheduling and a detailed usage log.

The device is largely made of plastic and features a large, well-designed seal over each of its two three-prong outlets. Total power output is a solid 1,875 watts, with 15 amps or 1/2 horsepower of draw allowed. The top of the device features a blue LED that indicates whether the plug is connected wirelessly. Two small white LEDs on either side of this indicator tell you whether each outlet is powered on or off. These LEDs are affixed to a button that can be pressed to manually turn each outlet on or off.

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