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Here’s a “feature” I really hoped Google wouldn’t steal from Apple. The new Android 12 operating system is deleting some users’ default app settings, causing links that should open the Rif app, for example, to open in the Chrome browser instead. What’s worse, users first encountered this problem when Android 12 was still in beta, yet Google still hasn’t addressed it.

Several Android 12 users on Reddit and Twitter have reported this issue, which seems to mainly impact third-party apps like Albatross (a Twitter app) and Rif (a Reddit app). While Android 12 is letting people set these third-party apps as their “defaults,” it’s automatically deleting their preferences after a day or two.

Yet another maddening Android 12 issue – 3rd party apps losing defaults and not opening links anymore.

For example, reddit links weren’t opening in Reddit is fun until I manually added checkboxes in its defaults settings.

All of them auto reset to off today. (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

— Artem Russakovskii (@ArtemR) November 5, 2021

Android 12 users have been struggling with this problem since the third Developer beta launched in July. Naturally, they’re worried that Google is trying to push “official” apps over third-party options, something that you wouldn’t expect on an Android device.

Google hasn’t addressed this problem, which isn’t a great sign! But on the bright side, the company hasn’t changed its Developers guide for Android app link verification. Despite all the disappointment that Android 12 users are feeling right now, it seems that this is a bug, and it may be resolved soon … if Google ever acknowledges it, that is.

Source: /r/android_beta, @ArtemR

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