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Google might launch its own smart display this holiday season

lenovosd02-1.jpgGoogle is expanding its line of Assistant-powered devices with its own smart display, at least according to Nikkei. The tech giant has reportedly told its Taiwanese manufacturing partners to gear up and make sure they can deliver, because it’s planni…


Should Children Be Exposed to Technology at an Early Age?

writers-opinion-kids-technology-early-feThis is definitely something that every parent grapples with now, something we never would have thought we would have to deal with a few decades ago. Children are inundated with technology now, so much so that they often know how to operate smartphones, tablets, and gaming systems when adults don’t. They’re growing up with technology as a part of their lives. But is this the way it should be? Should we be trying to limit the amount of time that children spend on devices? Or should we just let it happen more organically and let them be exposed at the pace that technology advances? Should… Read more

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Amazon aims to challenge Spotify, Apple Music in streaming

Spotify and Apple Music are easily the number one and two players in the streaming music market, respectively, and while Amazon offers plenty of quick and easy access to music, the company is looking to be taken as a more serious rival to the streaming giants. A new report details Amazon’s plans for making its Music Unlimited service more recognized … Continue reading


Next Windows 10 update nearing completion as it gets its official name

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQlBM2ReAKg0U6DT99U-8g Next Windows 10 update nearing completion as it gets its official name  Ars TechnicaWindows 10 updates: Expect slimmed-down, full-quality versions, says Microsoft  ZDNetFull coverage


Nickelodeon’s ‘Double Dare’ finds new life in Facebook Messenger

Screen+Shot+2018-08-17+at+10.27.16+AM.pnNickelodeon’s game show Double Dare is now a Facebook game. The classic show originally aired from 1986 to 1993 and recently just made its return to Nickelodeon. Now, fans will be able to play a version of Double Dare themselves through Facebook Mess…


Microsoft OneDrive adds automatic folder backup for desktop and more

Microsoft has updated its OneDrive cloud storage service with new auto-backup options, making it easier for users to make sure all of their content is safety stored with as little effort as possible. Microsoft calls the feature Folder Protection, offering a Windows 10 prompt that instructs users on how to setup that automatic backups. Desktop, Documents, and Pictures are all … Continue reading


MoviePass is limiting selection to ‘up to six films’ a day


One gets the distinct impression that nothing is ever permanent with MoviePass — including, of course, MoviePass itself. The troubled film subscription service has been through a number of different rule changes in recent months, as it’s worked to stem the financial bleeding.

In an email, CEO Mitch Lowe outlined the latest updates to the once-unlimited subscription plan. Most notable among the changes is the limiting of selection to “up to six films to choose from daily, including a selection of major studio first-run films and independent releases.”

On top of that, there may be further limitations on showtime availability for the selected titles, based on “the popularity of those films on the app that particular day.” The company has already begun limiting access to specific films, starting with a barring of major blockbusters and moving toward limiting selection generally.

If nothing else, at this plan spells out something more concrete that what’s appeared from the outside to be somewhat arbitrary choice in recent weeks. Now users can go to the “This Week’s Movies” page to see what’s available. Right now, there’s a semi-consistent, rotating selection. For example, you can get into BlacKkKlansman and The Meg today, but not tomorrow (weekend box office, you know). 

Which movies are chosen and when will likely be at least partially dependent on deals struck between MoviePass and studios/distributors. And, of course, “up to six films” leaves the door open for a lot of wiggle room on selection here. It will also likely severely limit the ability to go see films in repertory movie houses, not to mention those in areas outside of big cities, where selection is far more limited.

This latest change comes as the company marks the one-year anniversary of the $9.95 plan that helped get the company into this financial and customer service mess. Based on the current ratio of responses to a tweet celebrating the milestone, it seems safe to say the company’s got a lot of work to do if it hopes to win back one-time loyal users.

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50 websites to waste your time on


Bored with your usual digital stomping grounds?

Don’t fret, bored friend! There are plenty of sites other than Twitter or Instagram for you to waste countless hours on. Besides, it’s not like you could be doing something constructive at work or maybe, I don’t know, go outside. That requires like actually moving or interacting with other humans. Boo.

So if you prefer procrastination to productivity, this list of 50 websites should keep you amused for a few hours. Or you could sit there and keep refreshing Facebook until something interesting actually happens. Read more…

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