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Alexa will soon have a memory

dims?crop=1400%2C932%2C0%2C0&quality=85&You’d be forgiven for thinking that Amazon’s Alexa was an amnesiac: it can’t remember important long-term info, or even that you started talking to it a few moments ago. Soon, though, it’ll be considerably less forgetful. Amazon’s Ruhi Sarikaya ha…


Hey Google, Why Do You Have Four Different Task Apps?

Gmail’s new interface feels shiny and new on the surface, but something about it just stinks. Gmail’s new Tasks app is separate from Reminders, which are used by Calendar, Inbox, and Assistant. And Google has two other task apps—including one used only for your shopping list.


AT&T’s least favorite net neutrality bill takes another step forward


Enlarge / Net neutrality supporter protests the FCC’s repeal outside a federal building in Los Angeles, California on November 28, 2017. (credit: Getty Images | Ronen Tivony | NurPhoto)

A California bill that would impose the nation’s strictest net neutrality law has been approved by another state Senate committee, bringing it closer to passage.

The California Senate Judiciary committee approved the bill Tuesday in a 5-2 vote, with Democrats supporting the net neutrality rules and Republicans opposing them.

“California can—and must—step up to re-establish the Obama-era net neutrality rules to protect consumers and our democracy,” bill sponsor Sen. Scott Wiener’s (D-San Francisco) said in an announcement.

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Microsoft and Facebook last two big tech companies to follow Apple’s lead on gun emoji

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQqQP55GH0ZQTUoH5Ec4oG Microsoft and Facebook last two big tech companies to follow Apple’s lead on gun emoji  9to5MacGun emoji disarmed as Microsoft follows Google toy switch  BBC NewsApple made a controversial change in 2016 — but now all of Silicon Valley is playing catch-up  Business InsiderEmoji | Crunchbase  CrunchbaseMicrosoft  FortuneFull coverage


Mt. Gox moves 16,000 BTC and 16,000 BCH coins out of its wallets

You can expect some serious volatility in the cryptocurrency market over the next few days, if history is any indication. Notorious cryptocurrency exchange desk Mt. Gox – which went down in 2014, along with 850,000 of its users Bitcoin – has moved another huge batch of its remaining funds to consolidated wallets. The now-defunct exchange desk seems to have transferred 16,000 BTC and 16,000 BCH to two separate addresses, according to a Mt. Gox cold wallet monitor. The 16,000 BTC have been transferred to the following address: Meanwhile, the 16,000 BCH have been moved to this address: This is the…

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Expect To See Unskippable Ads On Snapchat Soon

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQfuDH9XmEOsgHekOUikOM Expect To See Unskippable Ads On Snapchat Soon  Tech TimesSnapchat to Users: If You Won’t Watch Our Ads by Choice, We’ll Just Make You Do It  GizmodoSnapchat plans to test unskippable six-second ads  The VergeCMO Today: Facebook’s Stellar Earnings; NBC’s Failing Bet on Megyn Kelly; Snap Tests Unskippable Ads  Wall Street JournalFull coverage


Leaked iPhone pics show glass back and headphone jack


The headphone jack could still have a future in an iPhone. These leaked pics show an iPhone SE 2 with a glass back and headphone jack. Like the current iPhone SE, the design seems to be a take on the classic iPhone 5. I dig it.

The leak also states the upcoming device sports wireless charging, which puts it inline with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Rumors have long stated that Apple was working on an updated iPhone SE. The original was released in March 16 and updated a year later with improved specs. With a 4-inch screen, the iPhone SE is the smallest iPhone Apple offers and also the cheapest.

WWDC in early June is the next major Apple event and could play host for the launch of this phone. Last month, around the iPhone SE’s birthday, Apple held a special event in a Chicago school to launch an education-focused iPad. It’s logical that Apple pushed the launch of this new iPhone SE to WWDC to give the iPad event breathing room.

While Apple cut the headphone jack from its flagship devices, the SE looks to retain the connection. It makes sense. The low-cost iPhone is key for Apple in growing markets across the world where the last two models helped grow iOS’s market penetration. This is Apple’s low-cost offering and thus suggests Apple doesn’t expect buyers to also spring for its wireless earbuds.

If released at WWDC or later in the year, the iPhone SE looks to serve consumers who enjoy smaller phones with headphone jacks. That’s me.

Let’s block ads! (Why?)


The podcast industry wants to befriend Alexa

This interview is part of our series of Growth Stories. We interviewed the founders and CEOs of 20 of the fastest growing startups in Europe. We asked them about their companies, their companies’ culture, and their lives, trying to understand how these three factors played a role in the achievement of such impressive growth. Acast is a Swedish podcast platform founded in 2013 by Karl Rosanders, Mans Ulvestam, and Johan Billgren. Over the past three years, the company has grown by more than 1,900 percent, making it to the Swedish Tech5 finale both in 2016 and 2017. On Acast, you can…

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5 of the Best Sites to Learn English for Free

learn-english-00-featured.jpgIf you are trying to learn English and you are looking for good sites where you can do so for free, the choice is huge. There are hundreds of sites for learning English, and they offer various activities – grammar, listening, and speaking. This list is comprised of five of the best sites for English learners of various proficiency levels. 1. BBC Learning English BBC is probably one of the first places that comes to your mind when you think of learning English. It’s an institution with traditions in teaching English, and you are right if you think that their site – BBC Learning… Read more

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Snap’s Spectacles v2.0 are coming this week

Earlier this month, we heard that Snap was working on a new pair of camera-equipped glasses to complement its ephemeral messaging app, Snapchat. We now know that they’ll land in the next couple of days. That’s from a Wired story on the company’s new Snappables AR games, which have you use your face as a controller of sorts. In one of them, you’ll need to train your front camera at yourself and keep raising your eyebrows in order to lift virtual weights quickly to earn a high score (a pair of AR stickers in the form of strong arms are…

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