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Atari’s retro console has a new name, but remains a tease

ataribox-ed.jpgAtari’s retro Ataribox console has been more sizzle than steak since it was first unveiled last summer, with delays and a distinct lack of game announcements dampening the enthusiasm. And unfortunately, that trend is mostly continuing today. The comp…


Instagram Stories gets “quote tweet”-style feed post resharing

Instagram’s next big Stories feature could let you compliment or trash talk other people’s feed posts, or embed a “see post” button to promote your own. A TechCrunch reader sent us these screenshots of the new feature, which Instagram confirmed to us is appearing to a small subset of users. “We’re always testing ways to make it easier to share any moment with friends on Instagram” a spokesperson wrote. Now those moments can include dunking on people. 

Instagram has never had a true “regram” feature with the feed, just slews of unofficial and sometimes scammy apps, but this is perhaps the closest thing. Users often screenshot feed posts and share them in Stories with overlaid commentary, but this limited the cropping and commentary options. Making an official “reshare could unlock all sorts of new user behaviors, from meme curation to burn book shade throwing to social stars teasing their feed posts in their Stories. Brands might love it for using their Stories to cross-promote a big ad campaign. Employing Stories to drive extra Likes and comments to permanent posts could help them gain more visibility in Instagram’s feed ranking algorithm.

Here’s how the feed post to Instagram Stories sharing feature works. You pick any public, permanent Instagram post and tap a button to embed it in your Story. You can tap to change the design to highlight or downplay the post’s author, move and resize it within your Story post, and add commentary or imagery using Instagram’s creative tools. When people view the story, they can tap on the post embed to bring up a “see post” button which opens the permanent feed post.

Users who don’t want their posts to be “quote-Storied” can turn off the option in their settings, and only public posts can be reshared. Facebook says it doesn’t have details about a wider potential rollout beyond the small percentage of users currently with access. But given the popularity of apps like Repost For Instagram, I expect the feature to be popular and eventually open to everyone.

Quote-Storying could help keep the feed relevant as more users spend their time sharing to the little bubbles that sit above it. And it offers a powerful viral discover mechanism for creators who can now ask fans to quickly reshare their post rather than having to awkwardly screenshot and upload them.

While both Instagram and Snapchat have let people privately send other people’s posts to friends as private messages, Snapchat lacks a way to embed other Stories or Discover content in your Story. Snapchat may have pioneered the Stories format, but Instagram has been rapidly iterating with features like Super Zoom and Highlights to extend its user count lead over the app it cloned.

The move by Instagram further ties together the three parts of its app: the permanent feed, ephemeral Stories, and private Direct messaging. You can imagine someone finding a post in the feed, resharing it their story, then joking about it with friends over Direct. It’s this multi-modal social media usage that turns casual users into loyal, ad revenue-generating ‘Grammers.

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Why Won’t My USB Show up on My PC?


Welcome to the first weekly installment of Tech 911, our brand-new tech-advice column designed to help you fix the problems you’re having with your desktop, laptop, or other favorite gadgets.

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HQ trivia was pulled from the App Store due to one simple mistake


Startup founders, they’re just like us. 

HQ — the popular trivia app that almost gave away $25,000 to one lucky winner on Sunday — has been pulled from the App Store due to one tiny, but important mistake. The person behind the company’s iTunes developer account forgot to update an expired credit card. 

We were alerted to HQ’s absence from the App Store by Adam Blacker, communications lead at Apptopia. After looking through the App Store rankings this morning, as part of his work routine, he did not see HQ. We checked and found when you search for “hq” only other trivia games appear:





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Facebook starts direct PC game streaming and spectator in-game rewards

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQKL9Z6_qOuwEO_8NDFdzI Facebook starts direct PC game streaming and spectator in-game rewards  VentureBeatGames will soon livestream directly to Facebook  EngadgetFacebook Introduced New Tools for PC Game Developers  AdweekFull coverage


AirDrop Is Your iPhone’s Most Underrated Tool


For all the complains you can levy against Apple—user-hostile repair and upgrade practices, The Great Slowdown, removing the headphone jack—there remains an undeniable truth: Overall, the user experience you get from using Apple’s devices is simply better than anything else. And this is doubly true if you stay within…

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Microsoft Offers $250000 Bug Bounty To Prevent Another Spectre-Meltdown Fiasco


Microsoft Offers $250000 Bug Bounty To Prevent Another Spectre-Meltdown Fiasco  Hot HardwareCybersecurity roundup: March 11 to 17, 2018  RapplerIntel says chips addressing flaws set for release this year  Jakarta PostFull coverage


How to upgrade and install a new PSU

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Twitter may be clamping down on cryptocurrency ads


Twitter will soon ban several types of cryptocurrency ads on its platform, Sky News reported Sunday.

The ban, that is slated to go live in two weeks, will be global and it will prohibit ads for initial coin offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrency wallets. Twitter might also ban ads for cryptocurrency exchanges — with some “limited exceptions,” the report claims. 

If the report is accurate, it would mean Twitter is following in the footsteps of Facebook and Google. Both companies have recently banned all cryptocurrency ads on their respective platforms — though Google’s ban goes into full effect in June this year.  Read more…

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Facebook has suspended the account of the whistleblower who exposed Cambridge Analytica


Tech hath no fury like a multi-billion dollar social media giant scorned.

In the latest turn of the developing scandal around how Facebook’s user data wound up in the hands of Cambridge Analytica — for use in the in development in psychographic profiles that may or may not have played a part in the election victory of Donald Trump — the company has taken the unusual step of suspending the account of the whistleblower who helped expose the issues.

In a fantastic profile in The Guardian, Wylie revealed himself to be the architect of the technology that Cambridge Analytica used to develop targeted advertising strategies that arguably helped sway the U.S. presidential election.

A self-described gay, Canadian vegan, Wylie eventually became — as he told The Guardian — the developer of “Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare mindfuck tool.”

The goal, as The Guardian reported, was to combine social media’s reach with big data analytical tools to create psychographic profiles that could then be manipulated in what Bannon and Cambridge Analytica investor Robert Mercer allegedly referred to as a military-style psychological operations campaign — targeting U.S. voters.

In a series of Tweets late Saturday, Wylie’s former employer, Cambridge Analytica, took issue with Wylie’s characterization of events (and much of the reporting around the stories from The Times and The Guardian). 

Meanwhile, Cadwalldr noted on Twitter earlier today she’d received a phone call from the aggrieved whistleblower.

Plaintive phone call from Chris: he’s also banned from WhatsApp.
And – outraged voice! – Instagram.
“But how am I going to curate my online identity?” he says.
The Millennials’ first great whistleblower? And @facebook hitting him where it hurts

— Carole Cadwalladr (@carolecadwalla) March 18, 2018

Not cool, Facebook. Not cool at all.

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