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A house-flipping startup raised $210 million

Opendoor has sold 3,750 homes so far. It wants (a lot) more.

Opendoor, a Silicon Valley startup that mines data to buy homes, sight-unseen, and flip them for a profit, has raised a $210 million investment led by Norwest Venture Partners. The company has now raised $320 million in total.

To sell a home through Opendoor, homeowners turn over basic information about their home that usually takes only a few minutes. Opendoor then makes an offer for the home, based on data it crunches from both public and private sources. Opendoor’s goal is to then sell the house for a small profit.

Opendoor charges fees that usually work out to 6 percent to 12 percent of the sale price, the CEO previously told Recode. In exchange, sellers — like people who have to move quickly for a new job — get a fast sale. To help lure buyers away from traditional realtors, Opendoor gives them 30 days to return the home if they are unhappy with it.

Only a “small fraction” of the new money raised will be used to purchase homes. The startup previously raised hundreds of millions of dollars of debt for that purpose.

The company’s founders include Keith Rabois, the venture capitalist who has held executive positions at both PayPal and Square.

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John Martin, the guy in charge of CNN’s business, says a Trump presidency doesn’t change anything for CNN

CNN will book $1 billion in profit this year thanks to a crazy election.

Donald Trump hasn’t been a big fan of the media, but he’s saved his most choice condemnations for CNN.

Tweets abound:

I thought that @CNN would get better after they failed so badly in their support of Hillary Clinton however, since election, they are worse!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 29, 2016

.@CNN is so embarrassed by their total (100%) support of Hillary Clinton, and yet her loss in a landslide, that they don’t know what to do.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 29, 2016

“Please! Failing? CNN is completing its Hall of Fame year,” John Martin, the CEO or Turner, which owns CNN, said at An Evening with Code Media event in New York Wednesday.

“[Trump] is the president-elect, but I don’t think it means anything for us at CNN,” Martin continued. “We have a huge journalistic mission. We’re not Fox News, which is cheering, and MSNBC which is laying on the floor.”

Martin thinks Trump watches CNN more than any other news organization, given how much he’s complained.

“He cares about what CNN is saying,” Martin said.

Trump has also been good for business.

CNN will book $1 billion in profit this year, and profits could go even higher next year since the network will get higher carriage fees from distributors. It will also see lower expenses from not having to cover a presidential election.

And despite advertising likely being down, a Trump administration could spur audiences to keep tuned to CNN.

“Tough to predict what the ratings will be,” Martin said, “although with the Trump administration, there will be a general fascination that wouldn’t be the same as under a Clinton administration. … Trump will be a little bit better from a business standpoint.”

Martin praised CNN head Jeff Zucker for handling the election coverage as well as the taunting from Trump.

“He’s done a phenomenal job,” he said of Zucker. “I’m very proud of our coverage.”

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Politico co-founder’s new media startup is eyeing $10,000 subscriptions — eventually

Advertising to start, then big-money subscriptions.

We still don’t know a lot about Axios, the yet-to-launch media startup founded by former Politico CEO Jim VandeHei. But we do know it’ll be expensive.

VandeHei is envisioning subscribers paying $10,000 or more for some of the startup’s news, he told Kara Swisher onstage at Recode’s Evening with Code Media on Wednesday night in New York City.

The one-time Washington Post journalist said he can’t imagine being “super intrigued with a subscription less than $10,000.”

The company’s coverage will center on business, technology, politics, and media. It will focus, as many media companies are, on putting content in front of readers on the social networks where they are already spending a lot of time.

At launch, Axios will be free to readers and supported by advertising. Two to three years down the line, VandeHei is targeting around 50 percent of revenue from advertising, and the other half from subscriptions and events.

Though it hasn’t launched, Axios already has 27 employees. Among the best known are former Politico mainstay Mike Allen, former Fortune tech and deals columnist Dan Primack, and Kim Hart, a former Politico editor who most recently ran communications for the Federal Communications Commission. The company hopes to have 50 employees when it launches early next year, VandeHei said in an earlier interview.

“Every piece of content we produce will be broken and narrated with true expertise – and then summarized in one shareable element,” a company “manifesto” reads. “You can decide whether to go deeper. Often, there’s no need. We have one agenda: help people get smarter, faster.”


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Julian Assange’s leaked election emails were unfiltered, says BuzzFeed UK’s Editor Janine Gibson

“I think when he went to the embassy that WikiLeaks became Julian Assange,” Gibson said during An Evening with Code Media in New York on Wednesday.

During the recent presidential election, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange published Hillary Clinton’s and her campaign manager John Podesta’s leaked emails that both the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and U.S. Department of Homeland Security were confident came from Russia.

Assange denied the information came from the Russian government, but has nevertheless made enemies of many in the Democratic party.

Janine Gibson, BuzzFeed UK’s editor in chief who worked on stories covering WikiLeaks and Assange during her time at the Guardian, said that Assange’s mission and outlook hasn’t changed since founding the WikiLeaks website in 2006.

Instead, she argued, circumstances have changed. Now he has no news organization to filter the information to ensure it serves the public interest.

“I think when he went to the embassy that WikiLeaks became Julian Assange,” Gibson told Peter Kafka at An Evening with Code Media in New York on Wednesday.

“What you saw with Julian this time, obviously the consequences … seemed quite dramatic to me. … You saw Julian unmediated this time. This was WikiLeaks without the civilizing force of news organizations around him. Julian without a bunch of, as he would think of us, really ‘livid editors that just censor everything.’”

When Gibson and the Guardian worked with Assange, they would edit and filter much of what he leaked to the team.

“We always felt that it was important to apply judgment, to make good choices, and make sure what we published … was in the public interest,” she said.

But Gibson said she would work with him again.

“I don’t think you get to choose your sources,” she said. “If a source comes to you with a story, you work with them. You work out how to work with them, at various different arm-lengths and relationships. If Julian were to come to me with a story tomorrow, I’d be quite surprised, but if he did I’d be encouraged that … he’d choose to come to us.”

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Amazon is bringing Alexa’s brainpower to its cloud business

Amazon unveiled voice-enabled AI, image recognition and text-to-speech services for developers.

Today, Amazon announced three new artificial intelligence tools for developers that use Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud division.

Drawing on the artificial intelligence that powers Amazon’s popular home assistant Alexa, the new tools will allow developers to build apps that have conversational interfaces, can turn text into speech and use computer vision that is capable of recognizing faces and objects.

Amazon’s latest push follows moves from Google and Microsoft, both of which have cloud computing platforms that already use artificial intelligence.

Google’s G Suite, for example, uses AI to power Smart Reply in Gmail, instant translation and smart scheduling functions in its calendar. Likewise, Microsoft recently announced it’s bringing artificial intelligence to its Office 365 service to add search within Word, provide productivity tracking and build maps from Excel with geographic data.

Here are the new Amazon tools available to developers:

Amazon Lex is for building conversational interfaces with the same voice recognition behind Alexa, the voice-enabled AI that lives inside the Echo speaker. Essentially, Lex allows developers to build advanced chatbots using Amazon’s artificial intelligence.

Then there’s Amazon Polly. Polly is a text-to-speech recognition service that reads in a natural sounding voice. It supports 47 different voices in 23 languages.

Finally, Amazon shared its new Rekognition service, which uses deep learning to recognize faces, objects and scenes. According to Amazon, Rekognition can detect someone’s facial expression (happy or distressed, for example), can count how many people are in a picture and even discern objects within an image, like a couch in a photo of a living room.

Both Microsoft and Google have been offering this kind of image analysis for over a year, reported Fortune.

Still, enterprise software remains a rather untapped market.

At Recode’s Code Enterprise conference earlier this month, Diane Greene, the head of Google Cloud, noted that Amazon and Microsoft, her company’s biggest competitors, only serve 5 percent of the enterprise market. And as Google, Microsoft and Amazon continue to make their products smarter and businesses continue to move their work to the cloud, the competition among software giants to become the next cloud-based workplace standard is starting to ramp up.

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Sheryl Sandberg is donating more than $100 million in Facebook stock to charity

Sandberg is also naming her foundation to honor her late husband, Dave Goldberg.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has transferred roughly $100 million in Facebook stock into a fund specifically intended for charitable donations, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission document filed Wednesday.

The stock, 880,000 shares, was transferred into what is known as a donor advised fund, which is controlled in this case by Fidelity, but gives Sandberg the chance to steer the money where she wants it.

That includes women’s empowerment groups like Lean In (which Sandberg founded), anti-poverty organizations like Second Harvest Food Bank, and grief organizations like Kara, according to people familiar with Sandberg’s plans.

Sandberg has also filed paperwork to rename her current foundation the Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Foundation after her late husband and a beloved Silicon Valley entrepreneur who died unexpectedly about 18 months ago.

That non-profit foundation will serve as an umbrella organization for both and a new organization Sandberg is starting called, intended to help people cope with loss and hardship. (Sandberg is also writing a book under the same name, “Option B,” which will come out next spring and is being published by Random House.)

Some of the $100 million donation will be used to help fund both LeanIn and OptionB.

This is not Sandberg’s first big philanthropic push, though it is her largest. Last year she set aside $31 million in Facebook stock for similar causes, and has signed The Giving Pledge, a commitment to give away more than half of her wealth during her lifetime.

Forbes pegs Sandberg’s net worth at $1.37 billion.


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How to download offline content from Netflix

How do I watch my favorite Netflix content offline?

Commuters rejoice! Netflix has added the option to download their content to your phone or tablet via the Netflix app. Not everything on Netflix is currently available for offline viewing, but there’s a decent selection available for download right now.

Once downloaded, you’ll be able to avoid using your data to play shows while using public transit, and also able to watch your favorite Netflix shows or movies when you’re outside your carrier’s coverage area and away from Wi-Fi.

Fortunately, Netflix has made things real easy. Here’s how to get started!

How to find shows and movies to download

Tap to launch Netflix from your home screen or app drawer.

Tap the Menu button in the top left corner.

Tap Available for Download.

Browse through the content that’s available to download, then tap on whatever you want to download.

Tap the Download button.If it’s your first time, Netflix will highlight where the new download button is.

If your phone is not connected via Wi-Fi, you’ll get a notification to turn it on.

Once you’ve started downloading a show or movie from Netflix, you will get a blue notification with the download progress at the bottom of your screen. You are able to browse and add for more shows to your download queue. You’re also able to go directly to the My Downloads section by tapping the notification once your downloads are complete.

How to find and watch your Netflix downloads

Tap to launch Netflix from your home screen or app drawer.

Tap the Menu button in the top left corner.

Tap My Downloads.

Tap to watch a downloaded movie or episode.

My Downloads is the home for all the content you’ve downloaded. Netflix provides the storage information right under the title, so it’s quick to see how much space each download is taking up You’ll need to tap a show to expand to see the downloaded episodes, while movies and comedy specials will simply be organized alphabetically.

How to manage your downloaded Netflix content

Tap to launch Netflix from your home screen or app drawer.

Tap the Menu button in the top left corner.

Tap My Downloads.

Tap the Edit icon in the top right corner.

Tap the movies, specials, or shows you wish to remove.

Tap the Trash icon in the top right corner to delete the content.

If you select a show from the main My Downloads page, you will be deleting all episodes of that show from your phone. If you only wish to remove some episodes, you’ll have to expand the show first, then tap the edit icon to select individual episodes.

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Get some cityscape on your home screen with these wallpapers

Not all of us get to zip around the world seeing amazing cities.

That doesn’t mean we can’t witness and savor the beauty of other cities and their lovely skylines around the world. Cityscapes have been popular wallpapers for a reason: they’re gorgeous, and they add sophistication to a home screen. They inspire us to expand our horizons. They let us escape our own drab little corners of the world for somewhere new, fun, and exotic. Let’s go around the world, shall we?

This wonderful view of Budapest’s Chain Bridge is all about connections, as the lights tie everything in the image together. From the cars scurrying back and forth across the bridge itself to the erratic strands of fairy light that bounce about the bridge, the rooftops, and the lampposts, this is a cityscape that beckons you the come into the light and connect to this lovely world.

Cityscape recolored by simen91

Cityscape wallpapers give us glimpses into worlds we will never see, and there are few places that is more true of than the gleaming metropolis of Doha, capital city of Qatar. The shining city gleams like a jewel as it sit upon Doha Bay, and looking like this, you would never guess this was in the Middle East rather than some bustling Asian hub. The city lights reflect on the calm waters of the bay, giving with the mesmerizing display.


Not all cityscapes are brilliant and crisp, and this rendition by VonSchlippe could tell a hundred different stories, from the sparse Christmas lights slung up between the streets and the mish-mash of architectural styles and awnings of the shops far below. This is a city bustling with life and with culture, and I can’t wait to explore it.

Cityscape by VonSclippe

This crisp, monochromatic take on a city skyline adds depth as it plays in shades of simple cerulean. It’s breathtaking, but the true brilliance comes as it mixes the minimalistic look of the cityscape with the ripples of the water and the stars above. Also, take this wallpaper, add Whicons: instant theme.

Mode 7 City Wallpaper by the Hamster Alliance

“He figured she’d gone back to Austin, ’cause she talking about it all the time…”

Blake Shelton’s dream girl in Austin has the right idea, because no matter how far you wander, there’ll always be something about Austin. SXSW. Austin City Limits. Circuit of the Americas. Austin has a bit of everything, and that includes a lot of nerds. Austin is a bit of a tech town and a bit of an arts town, but the whole town is authentically Texan and authentically AWESOME. Besides, at the end of every whirlwind trip, the important thing is to come home, and I am proud to call this city home.


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What Is the lost+found Folder on Linux and macOS?

The lost+found folder is a part of Linux, macOS, and other UNIX-like operating systems. Each file system—that is, each partition—has its own lost+found directory. You’ll find recovered bits of corrupted files here.

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Geek Trivia: The First Woman To Appear On A U.S. Postage Stamp Was?

The First Woman To Appear On A U.S. Postage Stamp Was?

Harriet Tubman

Martha Washington

Queen Isabella

Susan B. Anthony

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