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Month: February 2017 (page 1 of 77)

What Are the Little Gray-Capped Things on RAM Modules?

If you are performing your first ever RAM upgrade, then watching a small piece suddenly “chip off” of a RAM module can be a very worrisome event. But is it as bad as it looks or is the RAM module still usable? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has the answer to a worried reader’s question.

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by Akemi Iwaya #HowToGeek

How to Set Up the Google Wi-Fi System

Mesh Wi-Fi networking is all the rage lately, and even Google has gotten in on the fun. Here’s how to set up Google Wi-Fi in order to get rid of dead spots at all corners of your house or apartment.

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by Craig Lloyd #HowToGeek

What’s the Difference Between Virtual and “True” Surround Sound Gaming Headsets?

Moviegoers already know the bliss of a good surround sound setup, but PC gamers have an even better reason to invest in a little audio immersion: beating the snot out of their online opponents. A good surround sound system can make a surprising amount of difference in fast-paced competitive games, helping you hear where other players are on the map.

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by Michael Crider #HowToGeek

Geek Trivia: In America The Game Of Billiards Is Called “Pool” As A Result Of?

In America The Game Of Billiards Is Called “Pool” As A Result Of?

19th Century Community Halls

The Prohibition

Horse Racing

Import Laws

Think you know the answer?

by Jason Fitzpatrick #HowToGeek

Why Is macOS Software Sometimes Labeled “Darwin”?

If you’re a Mac user and a fan of open source software, you’ve probably seen certain apps with the “Darwin” label. But why do the macOS versions of apps carry this name?

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by Justin Pot #HowToGeek

How to Turn Off Siri App Suggestions on the iPhone

iOS 10 includes a feature that gives you quick shortcuts to apps it thinks you want to use—either based on your location or other factors. Here’s how to turn these suggestions off.

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by Matt Klein #HowToGeek

How to Disable the Reading Pane in Outlook on Windows and Mac

By default, when you select an email message in Outlook, it automatically opens in the reading pane on the right. Even if you don’t actually click on an email, the first email in the first account is opened in the reading pane automatically.

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by Lori Kaufman #HowToGeek

70+ Cyber Security Micro-Courses and Certifications To Boost Your IT Career

With the evolving hacking events around us, cyber-security skills are in high demand across all organizations and industries, because a shortage of skilled cyber security practitioners could leave an organization vulnerable to cyber attacks. But knowledge alone is not sufficient, ‘certification as eligibility’ also matters, which shows employers that you are serious about your career and (Mohit Kumar) #HackerNews #News #Security #Internet

Critical Flaw in ESET Antivirus Exposes Mac Users to Remote Hacking

What could be more exciting for hackers than exploiting a vulnerability in a widely used software without having to struggle too much? One such easy-to-exploit, but critical vulnerability has been discovered in ESET’s antivirus software that could allow any unauthenticated attackers to remotely execute arbitrary code with root privileges on a Mac system. The critical security flaw, tracked (Swati Khandelwal) #HackerNews #News #Security #Internet

The Best Ways to Connect an External Graphics Card to Your Laptop

Laptops, especially gaming laptops, are a study in compromises. Smaller machines are lighter and easier to travel with, but bigger, heavier boxes offer the dedicated graphics cards necessary for high-end gaming. An external graphics card let you have your cake (no lie) and eat it too.

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by Michael Crider #HowToGeek

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