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Is this the iPhone 8? Sure looks like it

Rumor has it, Apple has plans to dramatically change the iPhone 8. We’ve reported several of these, but to date they were still just that: rumors. Today, we’re getting even more rumors, although these are from two highly-trusted sources in the mobile industry, and each seems to confirm the other. First up is Steve Hemmerstoffer — @OnLeaks on Twitter — who reportedly obtained detailed schematics for Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone. According to Hemmerstoffer, the information was “sourced directly from the factory in charge of building the new iPhone” and then CNC manufactured to create a prototype. The results are basically…This story continues at The Next Web
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by Bryan Clark
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The 9 Most-Read WIRED Stories in June

What do ticks, Apple, and a “Poppy” sensation all have in common? Well, your attention, dear reader. by Andrea Valdez
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Trump Wants All Your Voter Data. What Could Go Wrong?

Trump’s commission to investigate voting fraud wants to make all your voter data public. Here is every reason why experts on both sides of the aisle think that’s a bad idea. by Issie Lapowsky
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A Dizzying View of a Bicycle Graveyard in China

Riders in Hangzhou, China abandon leave public bicycles all over the city. They’ve got to go somewhere. by Laura Mallonee
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New Disney show to feature YouTube star Jimmy Wong

Disney is preparing a new late-night offering that will feature some of the biggest stars in gaming and streaming content creation. The new programming block is set to air on Disney XD between 9PM and 3AM daily. Disney is calling the block ‘Disney XP’ and will transform the popular kid’s network into entertainment featuring shows geared towards the YouTube and Twitch crowds. Jimmy Wong, of YouTube and TV fame, will be the host of one of the new offerings on the block called Polaris Primetime. He describes it: So, it’s like a variety show for gamers. We have couches and…This story continues at The Next Web
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by Tristan Greene
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Wikileaks Reveals CIA Malware that Hacks Linux Computers

WikiLeaks has just published a new batch of the ongoing Vault 7 leak, this time detailing an alleged CIA project that allowed the agency to hack and remotely spy on computers running the Linux operating systems. Dubbed OutlawCountry, the project allows the CIA hackers to redirect all outbound network traffic on the targeted computer to CIA controlled computer systems for exfiltrate and (Swati Khandelwal) #HackerNews #News #Security #Internet

I tested out three different marketing platforms, here’s what I thought

Overall, the easiest way to see if a marketing software company is worth your cold hard cash is to determine their affordability, ease of use, functionality, and how well their customer support responds. Through various projects over the past couple months I’ve had the chance to try out three of the more well known services available and detailed some of the features and noticeable takeaways below. All three of these services, Marketing 360, Act-On, and SharpSpring, are some of the bigger players in the field, and for the purpose of this article I also made note of their ratings from Software…This story continues at The Next Web

by Josiah Motley
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The Difference Between Silent, Do Not Disturb, and Theater Mode on your Apple Watch (and When to Use Each)

Some OnePlus 5 owners are seriously bugged by a strange scrolling issue

Some OnePlus 5 owners are seriously bugged by a strange scrolling issue
Reports and videos of a weird, ‘jelly-like’ animation while scrolling on the OnePlus 5 have emerged, and nobody knows the cause.

Human head transplants, and the mad scientist who’ll perform them

The mysterious work of Dr. Sergio Canavero is the stuff of grade-B horror movies. He claims he’s successfully attached a living mouse head to a rat, severed the spines of mice, and perhaps most impressively: reattached them. His quest for the scientific holy grail lead to papers detailing two-headed creatures, a transplanted dog’s head, and bold claims about the first human head-transplant — which he plans to undertake later this year. Beyond that he’s said that he will be able to resuscitate a frozen brain within a few years. Dr. Canavero has a reputation for making medical claims that sound a…This story continues at The Next Web

by Tristan Greene
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