Unless you have one of those super fancy, full-body shower systems, we’re gonna bet that your daily scrub up is a pretty boring task. Increase your a.m. excitement with one of these funky shower heads by Zooheads ($29.95), which have just hit the market.

These 3D-printed bathroom fixtures could inject a bit of fun into anyone’s morning. They’re animal heads designed to fit over any shower head with a 1/2-inch pipe thread, which supposedly means they’ll fit just about everywhere.

Image: zooheads

These funky shower heads are available in a variety of different animals, including a T-rex, shark, elephant, or an eagle — not to mention a few fiendish animal skullsGame of Thrones fans might also get a kick out of the fantastically-detailed dragon shower head, so you can imagine one of Dany’s scaly kids spewing hot water all over youDracarys, am I right?  Read more…

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