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How to Toggle and Customise Conversation View in Outlook

Back in Outlook 2010, Microsoft introduced the Conversation View, which works something like Gmail’s conversation threading. It’s turned on by default in newer versions Outlook, but not if you upgraded from an older version where it was switched off. So, if you didn’t know it was there, it might be time to take a look.

What is the Conversation View?

Although Microsoft talked up the Conversation View a lot when they introduced it, most people outside of corporate IT departments and readers of high-quality tech websites probably weren’t aware of it. After all, when was the last time you looked for and read through the “new features” article on an app you use?

This is a pity because Conversation View is a handy feature that a lot of people wanted after seeing conversation threading in Google’s new Gmail, which debuted in 2004/5. Such was the demand that suddenly everyone was talking about how to use the “Conversation” column to group emails in Outlook 2003, although this only picked up mails in the same folder. So some convoluted workarounds were fashioned using dynamic search folders, but this was all a bit crude compared to the AJAX-powered ease of Gmail.

Microsoft got on the case and added a proper Conversation View—one that pulls emails from all folders—when they rolled out Outlook 2010. This might seem a bit late, seeing as their previous version came out 3 years earlier (Outlook 2007), but one can only assume that it took the product managers at Microsoft a while to realize just how popular Gmail’s threaded conversation view was, by which point it was too late to add it to 2007. No matter, Outlook 2010 got it, and it was a decent effort that has worked well in all iterations since.

Since Outlook 2013 it’s been switched on by default, but in many businesses, it’s still turned off by default by the IT department. Also, if you turned it off in your old version of Outlook, it stays off when you upgrade to a new version. One of our geeks turned it off five years ago in Outlook 2013, and it’s still off now that they’re on Outlook 2019. It’s turned on by default in the Outlook web app as well, so it’s more well-used there, but for plenty of people, the Outlook client is their main email app.

Let’s take a look at how to turn Conversation View back on and what customization options you have. Better late than never!

How to Toggle the Conversation View On and Off

You can turn the Conversation View on and off via a simple toggle, so if you try it and don’t like it, it’s easy to turn it back off. To turn it on, switch on the View > Show as Conversations option.

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How to Upload Multiple Files to Dropbox at Once Using an iPhone or iPad

Dropbox is one of the most popular providers of cloud storage on the planet, and if you’re a Dropbox customer making use of an iPhone or iPad, knowing how to upload multiple files at once can be a real time saver.

You don’t need to be a so-called power user to handle multiple files at once, and as anyone who uses Dropbox will know, it’s at its best when used as a dumping ground for anything and everything you need to have available across multiple devices. Thankfully, there are two different ways of handling files that you want to upload to Dropbox (depending on what they are) and soon you’ll know them both.

Upload Multiple Photos Using the Dropbox App

The most obvious way to carry out any tasks relating to Dropbox is to use the company’s official app. The app does let you upload multiple photos at once (but only one of other types of files, so see the next section for that).

You can get the Dropbox app from the App Store if you don’t already have it, and once you sign into your account, tap the “Create” button.

Tap the “Upload Photos” button next. You’ll see all of the photos that are on your iPhone or iPad.

Select the ones you wish to upload and then tap “Next.”

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Facebook redesigns Life Events feature with animated photos, videos and more

Facebook today announced a redesign of its “Life Events” feature, which allows people to share significant milestones in their life, like an engagement, graduation, a new job, a move to a new city, and more. The feature has existed since the launch of Timeline, but has to date offered a fairly nondescript type of post. Today, that’s changing, Facebook says. Now, users will be able to add animated photos or videos, photos from the people or Page you’ve tagged (like those of your partner or your new workplace), or you you can pick an image from Facebook’s own art collection, if you don’t have your own.

The photos and videos you post will also have subtle animations, like slowly zooming in, to give the post more attention. And you can still pick an icon to represent the life event, as before.

The idea behind the redesign is to give these sorts of posts a better way to stand out from other posts, the company explains

Of course, Facebook likely wants to increase the feature’s adoption, too, as it’s a straightforward way to collect profile data on an individual that they may not have otherwise filled out – like where they live, where they work, or their alma mater, for example.

Facebook will also now alert your friends directly when you’ve shared some life events, it says.

For certain types of life events – like changes in your current city, work, education, and relationship status – your friends may receive a notification to let them know about the news. This ensures they won’t miss the update if they were just casually scrolling their News Feed. And it’s a way to make sure the event gets seen by your broader network of Facebook friends – including those acquaintances whose updates don’t regularly show in your News Feed, as Facebook’s algorithms have determined you aren’t close.

In addition, when you react to a life event someone else posted with a like, wow, heart, etc., Facebook now shows all the other reactions from friends alongside your own.

Perhaps most importantly, is that Facebook is finally giving life events a place of importance on users’ profiles.

While the feature for years has been touted as a way to remember significant events, it’s actually been fairly difficult to relocate your older life event posts from years ago. With the update, however, life events will have their own dedicated section on user profiles. (You can opt to hide a life event here by tapping the “…” button then selecting “Hide from Timeline,” if you choose).

This will give people visiting your profile for the first time a way to get to know you, by way of the most important moments you’ve shared through this feature. That may not be something everyone is comfortable with, though, so you’ll want to check to see if there are any older life event posts you need to hide or delete.

The updated life events are rolling out worldwide on iOS, Android and desktop beginning today, and completing in the days ahead.

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5 of the Best Mac Games of 2018

best-mac-games-featured.jpgWith the year fast coming to an end, it’s time to reflect on the bests and the worsts of the year, ignoring all the in-betweens that failed to make a dramatic impression one way or other. As new Mac games sometimes slip under the radar, we decided to round up the best Mac games to have come out in 2018, allowing those with the silent squidgy keyboards and the mono-button mice to also enjoy them. (That being said, you should really get a proper mouse if you want to properly enjoy these games.) The following is our ranked list of the best Mac games of… Read more

MakeTechEasier?i=jNtjKpslK54:KpfEtagYQys MakeTechEasier?i=jNtjKpslK54:KpfEtagYQys MakeTechEasier?i=jNtjKpslK54:KpfEtagYQys MakeTechEasier?d=qj6IDK7rITs MakeTechEasier?i=jNtjKpslK54:KpfEtagYQys MakeTechEasier?i=jNtjKpslK54:KpfEtagYQys

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Useful Chrome Command-Line Switches and What to Do with Them

chrome-switches-featured.jpgLike with all pieces of software, the default settings in Chrome won’t please everybody. Most people will only need to change settings normally accessible through the menu. Others know about a hidden page, accessible by typing chrome://flags/ in the address bar. But you have a third option to change Chrome’s behavior. What Are Chrome Command-Line Switches? These are simply parameters passed to an executable file. You can test them now. Open a command line prompt: press the Windows logo key, type “cmd” and open Command Prompt. Change the active directory to Chrome’s installation path. cd “Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplication” Now launch the browser in… Read more

MakeTechEasier?i=5ZnCXyauyrk:lBjoQvoeKDU MakeTechEasier?i=5ZnCXyauyrk:lBjoQvoeKDU MakeTechEasier?i=5ZnCXyauyrk:lBjoQvoeKDU MakeTechEasier?d=qj6IDK7rITs MakeTechEasier?i=5ZnCXyauyrk:lBjoQvoeKDU MakeTechEasier?i=5ZnCXyauyrk:lBjoQvoeKDU

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Burger King’s 1-Cent Whopper Is a Taste of the Robo-Car Future


With the spread of self-driving technology, gimmicks like the Whopper Detour will become much more pervasive—and a little bit creepy.

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Instagram plans to give influencers DM filters and follower stats

dims?crop=4008%2C2662%2C0%2C0&quality=85Instagram is testing a new type of account for high-profile users (such as celebrities, artists and influencers) that should give them more control over how they use the platform. The so-called “creator accounts” give users direct message filters and…

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New Android Trojan Steals Your Money Using PayPal’s Official App

There have been some bad trojans found on Android, but this is possibly one of the worst. This new threat automates a PayPal transaction for $1000 and sends it using the official PayPal app—even on accounts with 2FA enabled.

The PayPal Hijack

It does this using a couple of different methods and leveraging Android’s Accessibility services. The malicious app is currently disguising itself as an Android optimization tool and has been making its way onto users’ phones through third-party app stores. So for starters, don’t use third-party app stores.

When installed, “Optimization Android” (seriously, why would you install something with a name like this in the first place?) also creates an Accessibility service called “Enable statistics.” It then requests access to this feature, which seems harmless enough—it will allow the app to monitor user actions and retrieve window content. If you think it’s all in the name of making your phone faster, it almost makes sense.

But that’s where things get worse because now the trojan can effectively emulate touches. It generates a notification that looks like it’s from PayPal urging the user to log in.

When tapped, this notification opens the official PayPal app (if installed)—so this isn’t a phishing attempt. The official app opens and asks the user to log in. Since this a legitimate login attempt within the official app, 2FA does nothing to secure the account—you’ll just log in as normal, entering your 2FA code when it comes in.

Once you’re logged in, the malicious app takes over, transferring $1000 from your PayPal account to the attacker. This automated process happens in fewer than five seconds. We Live Security made a video of the entire process, and it’s pretty crazy how fast it all happens:

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Hertz is using biometrics to speed up car rentals

dims?resize=2000%2C2000%2Cshrink___PURIMThe next time you rent a car, you might need to show your face instead of your ID. Hertz announced today that it is teaming with security startup Clear to introduce Fast Lane, a biometric check for car rentals. The system — which is the first of its…

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Giphy offers easy access to GIFs with iOS keyboard extension

dims?resize=2000%2C2000%2Cshrink___PURIMGiphy announced an update to its iOS app that will give users the ability to quickly share GIFs from the Giphy Keyboard extension within any app that supports multimedia. The company responsible for providing GIFs in Instagram DMs is also launching a…

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