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Autonomous cars may soon navigate better in fog

fog-ed.jpgOne major issue for autonomous vehicles is driving in fog. Many types of self-driving technology use visible light to determine how to navigate. This becomes a real problem when driving conditions are poor, and especially when there’s fog. But now, r…


This electric car has 3 wheels and costs $10,000


‘Model SONDORS’ is a new electric car with a unique 3-wheel design. The base model starts at $10,000, and has multiple battery options with up to a 200-mile range. Read more…

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Swiss police order up Tesla Model X police cars for active duty


Tesla’s Model X has had some brushes with law enforcement – in a good way, as when police from Toronto demonstrated one in their patrol car colors to show what it might be like to actually use them. But police from Switzerland’s Basel-Stadt police force are going one further, and actually ordering Model X vehicles for active duty.

The first of these will be delivered this fall, with seven included in the initial order, according to Electrek. And while the up front cost of the vehicle is more than the average cruiser (the Basel-Stadt pays $97,000 on average for its current diesel-powered patrol vehicles, while a Model X P100D as configured for police use will be around $147,000), they should make up the difference in maintenance and fuel costs over time.

After the seven first cars ship out to the Swiss police this fall, the remaining fleet is slated to be delivered sometime in 2019. As for why the Model X was selected in the end, the Basel-Stadt cited its ecological benefits, as well as cost savings over the life of the vehicle, as well as its storage capacity.

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Uber self-driving car crashes into another car in Pittsburgh


Enlarge (credit: Uber)

An Uber self-driving car collided with another vehicle in Pittsburgh on February 24 in an incident first reported by Pittsburgh’s channel 11 last week. No one was seriously injured, but the incident caused serious damage to the vehicles. Uber and the driver disagree on exactly what happened in the seconds before the crash, making it unclear who was at fault.

The driver of the other car was Jessica McLemore, a mother of three children. She described the incident in a Wednesday interview with Ars Technica.

The crash occurred in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. McLemore was on a four-lane road called Liberty Lane, heading Northeast, while the Uber vehicle was approaching from the opposite direction. This screenshot from Google Maps shows the intersection.

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All Ford vehicles will have built-in 4G LTE by 2020

naiasgallery-11-1.jpgFord’s vision for the future is electric, connectivity and assisted driving. For the Blue Oval company, that means by 2020 its entire lineup will have 4G LTE connectivity and Waze navigation built in at a system level. The former means that all aspec…


Watch passengers react to a truly driverless Waymo ride


“Thank you, car!” 

That’s what some Phoenix passengers said after riding around in Waymo’s driverless Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivan. Others were underwhelmed after participating in the novel experience.

Waymo CEO John Krafcik at the South by Southwest conference in Austin Tuesday showed the video above full of passenger reactions to an empty driver’s seat and a real self-driving experience. One person started playing on her phone, a few passengers yawned, and one guy even nodded off.

After watching the video, the conversation between Krafcik and Vice News Tonight correspondent Evan McMorris-Santoro veered into a different direction. The reporter wanted to know if you don’t have to drive or even pay attention can you have sex in a Waymo? Read more…

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Virginia Man Sues Police Over License Plate Database

Virginia Man Sues Police Over License Plate Database

Automatic license plate readers have become a hot topic in recent years, akin to the government’s warrantless use of GPS trackers on vehicles.

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Here’s The Full Senate Report Shaming Automakers On Security

Here’s The Full Senate Report Shaming Automakers On Security

A new senate report reveals that most modern cars are vulnerable to hacking and that the industry is not even close to having a grasp on what to do about it.

The post Here’s The Full Senate Report Shaming Automakers On Security appeared first on WIRED.