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Streaming Showdown: Who has the best original shows

Streaming seems to be the way to go these days. Analysts expect that the market would soon overtake and devour traditional TV services, becoming the be-all and end-all of video entertainment at home and on the go. These services, some of them smaller than the network giants that run cable and live TV, often compete on more than just the … Continue reading


AT&T, Time Warner battle DOJ for the future of streaming video – CNET


The two companies face off against the Justice Department in a trial that may sway future media deals. Here’s what you need to pay attention to.


Rachel Pollack’s Influence on DC Comics is Still Being Felt Today

It’s Women’s History Month, and we here at Geek want to celebrate that by highlighting some of the most important Women in geek history. Today I’d like to highlight a world-renowned Tarot expert, […]

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The Alienware Area 51 is a spaceship disguised as a gaming PC

The Alienware Area-51 is a spaceship disguised as a gaming PC

Take a look inside the world’s most outrageous and overpowered retail PC

This article is to be read to the tune of a heavy metal soundtrack. Because the Alienware Area-51 is heavy, metal, and just as outrageous as Iron Maiden at its finest.

Announced at the end of last summer, the Area-51 was an immediate sensation thanks to its unconventional, otherworldly shape. Hexagons and sharp lines are an established trope in gaming PCs these days, but nobody had thought to make the entire chassis into a hexagon. None of the major manufacturers, anyway. And that’s what really excites me about this big and bold Alienware rig: it’s a huge company acting like a scrappy startup and experimenting with a whole new layout and construction.


The first noticeable thing about the Area-51 when it’s seen in person is that it’s surprisingly large. This is not an effort to minimize your PC’s footprint or visibility (like the Falcon Northwest Tiki). With LED lighting embedded into each side and around the front frame of the case, The Area-51 is designed to attract attention. The second thing you’ll notice, should you ever attempt to lift it, is that it weighs about as much as a small person. Alienware isn’t taking any chances with its choice of materials, and the company even claims that in spite of its massive weight, each corner of the Area-51 has been tested to withstand up to five times the weight of the entire system.

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Groundskeeper Willie of ‘The Simpsons’ Makes Plea for Scottish Independence [VIDEO].

Listen up, people of Scotland: Groundskeeper Willie has some political advice for you.

Aye Or Die

Groundskeeper Willie – The Simpsons

The beloved Simpsons character is taking a stand in a video recently released by Fox, saying he is pro-independence. Scotland will be voting on Sept. 18 to decide if the country will separate from the United Kingdom.

In the video, the kilt-wearing Springfield Elementary School janitor makes a case for independence, touting the country’s oil reserves and whiskey-making capabilities.

“Scotland is the home to two-thirds of Europe’s oil reserves,” Willie says. “Notice how in no country rich in oil does a man wear pants. We also make a fine damn whiskey. And we spell whiskey right, too!” (Scots prefer spelling it “whisky.”)

He even volunteers himself to lead the potentially newly independent country, instead of “safe choice” Alex Salmond: “Willie won’t back down to world leaders because I haven’t a clue who they are, and I’m not willin’ to learn!”

Sounds like the ideal candidate. Willie, if things don’t work out in Scotland, we hear Toronto is looking for a new mayor…

The 26th season of The Simpsons premieres on Sept. 28.

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