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Apple may have unintentionally solved smartphone addiction

Fall, each year, signals the arrival of a new iPhone. And now that Apple’s annual event has come to pass, we’re left to reflect, albeit briefly, before the rumor mill begins picking up steam for next year. This year we’ll see two new iPhone models: the iPhone 8/8 Plus, and Apple’s newest flagship, iPhone X. But for all the hype surrounding the launch, both were perhaps overshadowed by another Apple product that received far less attention: Watch. And this product, hyperbole aside, could just save your life. A serious problem It’s no secret that we’re increasingly attached to our mobile…This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: Apple by Bryan Clark #TheNextWeb #Internet #tech #news

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Microsoft confirms plans for a new flagship store in Regent Street opposite Apple

Shopping may be turning into an increasingly virtual experience, with people buying goods online and through apps, but there is no denying the power of a physical in-store experience — a lesson that Microsoft takes to heart. Today the company announced that it would be opening a new flagship store in London in Regent Street near Oxford Circus — just a stone’s (or an… Read More by Ingrid Lunden #TechCrunch #ITNews #tech #news

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Thoughts on Facebook’s 9 plans to curb election interference

Election meddling is Facebook’s next adversary, and it’s got a plan to attack it just like it did with fake news. Solutions to both these scourges come too late to prevent tampering that could have aided Donald Trump winning the presidency. But at least Facebook is owning up to the problem, working with the government, and starting to self-regulate. Here’s the 9-point plan… Read More by Josh Constine #TechCrunch #ITNews #tech #news

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Facebook and Twitter play bigger role in Congressional election hacking probe

As congressional investigations into Russia’s role in manipulating the election for President deepens, tech companies are assuming a more central role in the inquiries. Both Twitter and Facebook are stepping up their efforts to cooperate with Congressional investigations into Russian interference with last year’s Presidential election. For Twitter, that means agreeing to a… Read More by Jonathan Shieber #TechCrunch #ITNews #tech #news

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A recent study asked people to draw the internet. Here’s what they came up with

According to a recent study the internet is a blue wavy place that’s used for connecting to people. This insight comes from one hundred people who were asked by cloud service company Summit Hosting to describe how they saw the internet, a computer virus, and the cloud. The best part: they each provided drawings. Some pictures were on the nose, when asked to draw the cloud a lot of people drew a cloud: Some of the most interesting submissions came when the researchers asked the respondents to draw the internet: Others drawings represented a more esoteric approach to depicting the…This story continues at The Next Web by Tristan Greene #TheNextWeb #Internet #tech #news

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5 impacts of virtual reality in marketing

What comes in your mind by the mention of the term ‘virtual reality’? Most people will conceive it to be either a film or a game set. However, Virtual reality (VR) is an artificially generated environment by a 3-D computer program and then presented to its user in a manner that simulates reality, hence has a definition beyond film or video programs. The adoption of VR technologies globally has been influenced by social, economic, and technological dynamics. For example, in the field of medicine, the VR has been used to improve various traditional therapeutic methods for cases such as PAST…This story continues at The Next Web by David Geer #TheNextWeb #Internet #tech #news

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Bill Gates regrets Ctrl+Alt+Delete, offers better solution

Nobody’s perfect, not even Bill Gates. The billionaire recently admitted that if he could go back in time, he’d switch the Ctrl+Alt+Delete command for a single button. Gates spoke out on the subject yesterday at a Bloomberg business forum in response to David Rubenstein’s question about why he chose that specific command to access the task manager on a Windows computer. He blamed the “mistake” on the IBM developers at the time, just as he did in 2013 at a Harvard University event. He pointed to IBM engineer David Bradley as the culprit, someone who’s also had his fair share…This story continues at The Next Web by Inés Casserly #TheNextWeb #Internet #tech #news

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ipsy launches its beauty product e-commerce business Shopper as hit hits 3M subscribers

ipsy, a subscription service that delivers a collection of products to its users every month, has spent the last six years building up a community with millions of people obsessed with beauty products. And now that the company has more than 3 million subscribers — with a $10 per month subscription cost — it’s ready to get a little bit more aggressive by getting directly… Read More by Matthew Lynley #TechCrunch #ITNews #tech #news

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Nest’s new smart cameras steal the show at its live event

Yesterday, Nest laid out a series of new smart home products at a launch event. Here are the best of the bunch in this new line of goods for the protective and territorial. Outdoor smart cameras The first of Nest’s new products was the IQ Outdoor camera. These cameras use facial recognition, tracking, and loud speakers. During the event, Nest executives claimed the cameras were tamper-proof and wouldn’t go offline. The IQ Outdoor comes with infrared night vision, and is waterproof — what you’d expect from an outdoor camera. The cameras also record videos and save them in the cloud…This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: Nest by Rachel Kaser #TheNextWeb #Internet #tech #news

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Freight startup Flexport soars from “unsexy” to $800M valuation

Flexport handles the boring logistics of a trillion-dollar business: the tranport of shipping cointainers around the world. Because the work of freight forwarding seemed so bland, it was long ignored by the tech world. But digitizing the paper work let Flexport speed up shipping so clients keep less inventory on hand while never running out. When you apply that optimization to how every… Read More by Josh Constine,Katie Roof #TechCrunch #ITNews #tech #news

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