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Malicious PHP Script Infects 2,400 Websites in the Past Week

A botnet called Brain Food is pushing diet pills via infected WordPress and Joomla websites.


Android users receive creepy ‘Superuser’ Facebook request for full access to their devices


Facebook wants all your data, and, when it comes to Android users, it’s not afraid to ask for it. 

Several users of the social media service posted on Twitter early Friday morning to report that their Android Facebook apps were requesting “superuser access” to their devices. That’s right, Facebook apparently wants “full access” to the phones, for that little period of time known as “forever.”

As Bleeping Computer reported, it’s not exactly clear what is going on here, but a possible coding error could be to blame. We reached out to Facebook for comment but received no response as of press time.  Read more…

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Your Mac might be storing your ‘deleted’ Signal messages

standalone-signal-desktop.pngOne of Signal’s major draws is the fact that it automatically deletes your messages. But though it may be wiping your conversations, it turns out your Mac probably isn’t, Motherboard reports. Security researcher Alec Muffett tweeted about the problem…


Alan Turing’s chemistry hypothesis turned into a desalination filter


Enlarge / A reverse osmosis facility. (credit: South Florida Water District)

Alan Turing is rightly famed for his contributions to computer science. But one of his key concepts—an autonomous system that can generate complex behavior from a few simple rules—also has applications in unexpected places, like animal behavior. One area where Turing himself applied the concept is in chemistry, and he published a paper describing how a single chemical reaction could create complex patterns like stripes if certain conditions are met.

It took us decades to figure out how to actually implement Turing’s ideas about chemistry, but we’ve managed to create a number of reactions that display the behaviors he described. And now, a team of Chinese researchers has figured out how to use them to make something practical: a highly efficient desalination membrane.

From hypothesis to chemistry

Many chemical reactions end up going to completion, with all the possible reactants doing their thing and producing a product that’s distributed uniformly within the reaction chamber. But under the right conditions, some chemical reactions don’t reach equilibrium. These reactions are what interested Turing, since they could generate complex patterns.

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Usability vs. Security. How Various Operating Systems Manage Security

operating-system-security-hero.jpgThere is no such thing as perfect security in the computing world. There’s not even one “best” approach. Operating systems have to balance usability, user expectations, and simple operation with security concerns and do their best to make an appealing blend. Security is often the opposite of usability and flexibility, so finding the right balance is important to building a user base and maintaining longevity. Different developers have different approaches to operating system security, from challengingly secure to problematically open. These distinctions often come down to philosophical choices expressed through security policies. You can understand how an OS sees itself, its purpose, and its users by… Read more

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Twitter advises 336 million users to change their passwords. Here’s how you can.


Twitter advises 336 million users to change their passwords. Here’s how you can.  USA TODAYTwitter urges all users to change passwords after glitch  ReutersTwitter advises 330M users to change passwords after glitch that exposed some in plain text  CNETChange Your Twitter Password Right Now  WIREDFull coverage


Nigerian Email Scammers Are More Effective Than Ever


By fine-tuning social engineering techniques and targeting small businesses, Nigerian scammers have kept well ahead of defenses.


DDoS For Hire, a CIA Card Game, and More Security News This Week


A major DDoS for hire site gets taken down, the CIA has a card game that you can play soon too, and more security news this week.


Hijack of Amazon’s domain service used to reroute web traffic for two hours




How to Set Up and Use a YubiKey for Online Security


These simple, battery-free devices provide an easy way to securely verify that it’s really you who’s trying to access your online accounts.


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