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M8 wants your friends to be the matchmaker

Forget algorithms. M8 is a dating app that’s powered by human matchmakers. And these aren’t just any matchmakers, they’re your friends! M8 is unveiling its concept for a different dating app at TechCrunch Disrupt’s Battlefield competition in San Francisco. With M8, friends can look through dating apps to find the perfect match for their friends. And if they’re… Read More by Katie Roof #TechCrunch #ITNews #tech #news

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Olfaguard is an electronic nose for smelling pathogens in food factories

A recent deadly outbreak of salmonella has so far sickened more than 200 people throughout the Eastern and Southern United States. The culprit? Madrol papayas coming from three different distribution companies, all originating from four close by farms in Mexico. Now these distributers, the FDA and the CDC are scrambling to contain the outbreak from going further. Meanwhile, several law firms… Read More by Sarah Buhr #TechCrunch #ITNews #tech #news

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By integrating with lenders and carriers, Matic makes it easier to buy homeowner’s insurance

Matic, a company that wants to make the process of finding the right homeowner’s insurance easier and more efficient, is launching today at TechCrunch Disrupt. If you’ve ever shopped for homeowner’s insurance, you know the process can be challenging, especially for first-time home buyers who aren’t familiar with coverages, how they vary, or why they should pick one… Read More by Sarah Perez #TechCrunch #ITNews #tech #news

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Lilu’s compression bra aims to help nursing mothers pump more milk faster

A startup called Lilu took the stage today at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco to show off their prototype bra designed to help breastfeeding mothers pump milk more efficiently, and hands-free. The device, which is meant to be worn over or even attached to a standard nursing bra, utilizes a built-in compression mechanism that simulates the breast massage that some mothers perform to help… Read More by Sarah Perez #TechCrunch #ITNews #tech #news

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Amazon’s recommendation engine offers a shopping list for making bombs

Items on Amazon’s “Frequently Bought Together” recommendation could be used to create homemade explosives if actually bought together. Investigators at UK news organization Channel 4 recently uncovered the potentially worrying trend. Among other things, the investigators discovered that searching for one ingredient (harmless on its own), or adding it to your cart, would lead Amazon to show you that other customers bought the other incendiary components. For the sake of good taste, I won’t list the ingredients here, but the examples they gave were the ingredients for thermite and black powder. Other “ingredients” are less chemical and more practical, such as…This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: Amazon by Rachel Kaser #TheNextWeb #Internet #tech #news

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Augmedics is building augmented reality glasses for spinal surgery

Meet Augmedics, an Israeli startup that is working on an augmented reality headsets for surgeons performing spinal surgery. The company is participating in the Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt SF. Computer assisted surgery systems are nothing new. Plenty of surgeons look at a screen while performing an operation. But Vizor is something new. Instead of making you look away from your… Read More by Romain Dillet #TechCrunch #ITNews #tech #news

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Is Blockchain the next big thing in technology?

The Blockchain technology has been the talk of the town as both Bitcoin and Ethereum have risen in their value per token in the past few months. While others are busy earning digital money, investors are becoming interested as to how this technology can add value to their business. Even formidable tech writers from reputable news organizations are seeing how this trend in financial technology can also benefit different industries in the future. As the world sees it Anyone investing in cryptocurrencies, whether it’s Ethereum or Bitcoin, have an idea of what Blockchain is. From afar, the digital…This story continues at The Next Web by Ellie Martin #TheNextWeb #Internet #tech #news

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Benchmark principal Kris Fredrickson leaves for another firm

Amidst all the drama happening between former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and Benchmark, Kris Fredrickson has left his role as principal at Benchmark to join Coatue Management, Recode reports. Benchmark has since confirmed Fredrickson’s departure on Twitter. 1/ Thrilled for @krisfredrickson to join Coatue as Partner. Terrific opportunity. Grateful for all Kris has done for @benchmark!… Read More by Megan Rose Dickey #TechCrunch #ITNews #tech #news

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One of the oldest AI companies is about to start selling its chat bot DNA

One of the biggest players in the chat bot space, Next IT, is now opening its libraries up commercially so businesses can create their own chat bots. According to the company this represents the largest repository of AI skills available for chat bots. The move also signifies the demand for conversation-savvy AI is growing. Next IT president Tracy Malingo told TNW: We’ve been around a long time, we’ve been developing these AI libraries, and offering this full stack solution, which is great – we will continue to provide the services we do now. But, we’re very excited to be able…This story continues at The Next Web by Tristan Greene #TheNextWeb #Internet #tech #news

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Future astronauts could ‘feel’ alien ground with new space boots

New technology developed by Draper labs could help astronauts actually feel the ground beneath them. The product in question is a boot, outfitted with sensors and feedback motors that generate tactile response based on what they detect. You may not have worn space boots in the past, but they’re very similar to any standard heavy boot – albeit likely heavier or at least thicker… Read More by Darrell Etherington #TechCrunch #ITNews #tech #news

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