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Ten Gadgets To Take The Stress Out Of Long Flights

Air travel can be…less than pleasant. Doubly so if you have to deal with the American TSA.

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Alexa for hotels lets guests order room service, control in-room smart devices


Enlarge (credit: Amazon)

Hotel rooms will serve as the newest homes for Amazon’s Alexa starting this summer. Amazon announced a special version of its virtual assistant, Alexa for Hospitality, that will live across Echo devices placed in hotels, vacation rentals, and other similar locations.

Alexa in these devices will be able to do special things for both hospitality professionals and their customers. Amazon claims its Alexa for Hospitality experience will let hotel professionals “deepen engagement” through its voice controls that customers can use. Hotels can also customize some of the experience that they want their customers to have by choosing default music services, creating special Alexa Skills that only their guests can use, and monitor device online status and other connectivity issues.

Guests staying in a room with an Echo device will likely find the experience either convenient or invasive. Guests can ask Alexa to do things like order room service, answer questions about hotel services, control some in-room connected devices like lights and blinds, and more. Alexa Skills will also be available, so guests can use a Skill such as Flight Tracker to check the status of their flight before checking out.

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These emission-free water taxis want to change how people move around in cities with waterways


SeaBubbles is a French startup that hopes to become the Uber of the waterways. They call their all-electric hydrofoil water taxi ‘The Bubble’ and they are planning on launching their service in 50 cities within the next five years. Read more…

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Everything You Need to Do on Your Phone Before Taking a Trip


Taking a trip away from home can be good for the body and soul, but it also means you’re going to be without the safety net of your home and office wi-fi, and might even involve piggybacking on a different data network and living through a different time zone. Your smartphone can adapt, if you know the right…

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Malware Attack on Vendor to Blame for Delta and Sears Data Breach Affecting ‘Hundreds of Thousands’ of Customers 


Delta Air Lines and Sears Holding Corp. on Thursday disclosed a data breach that may have exposed the payment card details of hundreds of thousands of online customers.

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How to Get Faster Hotel Room Wi-Fi


You check into your hotel after a hard day of traveling. All you want to do is kick off your shoes, set the temperature to whatever hot or cold extreme you wouldn’t be able to get away with at home, and say hello to your Netflix queue before some much-earned rest. And then you realize the terrible truth: Your wi-fi…

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Plane Finder Tracks Your Flight in Real Time

Plane Finder Tracks Your Flight in Real Time.

Web/iOS/Android: Plane Finder delivers next-level flight tracking in real time, showing you exactly where the plane you’re tarcking is and when it will land.

AT&T’s connected car tech now delivers weather, radio and parking help

AT&T’s connected car tech now delivers weather, radio and parking help.

If you’re frustrated that many cars still don’t have internet-savvy software built-in, take heart: AT&T just gave its Drive connected car platform a big boost with the addition of six big-name apps. Automakers who put Drive in their infotainment systems can now easily give you forecasts on the road through AccuWeather, as well as customized listening through iHeartRadioStitcher or Tribune’s Newsbeat. You can also share your whereabouts through Glympse, and find that all-important parking spot using Streetline’s Parker. You’ll have to wait for manufacturers to roll these apps into their vehicles before you see the benefit, but don’t be surprised if your next ride is that much smarter.

Get Around Hotel Wi-Fi Blocks and Use Your Chromecast When Traveling

Get Around Hotel Wi-Fi Blocks and Use Your Chromecast When Traveling.

I love my Chromecast. But since I haven’t traveled with it (yet), I didn’t even think about the fact that you wouldn’t be able to use it in a lot of motels/hotels. A travel router is a great solution as the author of the source article points out.

A tethering plan and a mobile device that supports 4G tethering would also work…but unless you have an unlimited data plan, Netflix would probably burn through your data plan in a couple nights. I’m wondering how many nights I could get away with per month on my “unlimited” plan and carrier-free tethering, thanks to my fully unlocked Nexus device 😉

SSsshh don’t let AT&T find out #BigMother