We build custom systems for almost every purpose. We use only premium components, pre-test every single system, and all PCs we sell come with our no-bullshit 3 year hardware warranty: It doesn’t work, we fix it.  Simple.

We feature systems designed for multiple purposes…and we specialize in multitasking.

Why shouldn’t your media library mine cryptocurrency while you are at work all day? Why not pack that Home Management System with some huge disks and make it a Network Storage Server too? Need an ultra-quiet fanless pc for your music studio, with built-in multi-track audio interface that looks amazing in hand oiled maple, and fully ruggedized with shock absorbing mounts, heavy duty wooden handle  and a custom bolt-on 8″ Wheel kit? See…now you’re thinking!

New! Premium, handmade fine woodcraft edition PCs.  Coming Soon! 
Home Entertainment and Media Libraries
Home Management and Security Systems
Ultra-Gaming Systems
Cryptocurrency Mining
Music and Video Recording / Streaming
Servers for Small Business – Microsoft – Linux
Virtualization Hosts – Run Multiple PCs in ONE BOX!

Ask About Our PC PrivateCloud Technology – All your data available EVERYWHERE, stored safely on your own network and accessible via secure encrypted VPN.