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Rise of the machines: has technology evolved beyond our control?


Technology is starting to behave in intelligent and unpredictable ways that even its creators don’t understand. As machines increasingly shape global events, how can we regain control?

The voice-activated gadget in the corner of your bedroom suddenly laughs maniacally, and sends a recording of your pillow talk to a colleague. The clip of Peppa Pig your toddler is watching on YouTube unexpectedly descends into bloodletting and death. The social network you use to keep in touch with old school friends turns out to be influencing elections and fomenting coups.

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The Theranos Indictments Expose the Soul of Silicon Valley


Embattled Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes faces 11 counts of wire fraud—but will continue to chair the company’s board.


Hollywood is making a movie about cryptocurrency and will someone please make it stop?

Proving you’re years late to the party, Hollywood is about to cash in on cryptocurrency. The project, called Crypto, focuses on a a federal agent (played by Beau Knapp) who returns to his home town in New York to investigate a case of corruption and fraud. Once there, the agent finds himself “enmeshed in a dangerous underworld populated by a mysterious art dealer, a crypto-currency enthusiast turned cyber-sleuth, and a corrupt accountant doing the bidding of ruthless clients,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. The project’s producers compared it to The Firm and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Which sounds, if we’re being…

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This Command Prompt Trick Searches Way Faster Than Windows Explorer

Searching for a file in Windows Explorer takes forever, but there’s a faster way if you’re willing to use the command prompt.


Microsoft Office gets a new slimmer, simpler look


Microsoft Office gets a new slimmer, simpler look  ConsumerAffairsMicrosoft Office ‘Fluent Design’ makeover could simplify work, boost productivity  TechRepublicMicrosoft to give Office 365, apps a makeover  ZDNetFull coverage


Elon Musk’s Boring Company gets Chicago airport loop contract

Elon Musk’s Boring Company just netted itself a pretty big contract. The city of Chicago, more specifically the Chicago Infrastructure Trust, has selected The Boring Company to create an underground link that provides express service between O’Hare International Airport and downtown Chicago. Obviously, the goal is to provide quick travel for people going to and from the airport, but the … Continue reading


Google is helping users limit targeted ads

google-ad-settings.jpgFacebook isn’t the only one offering tighter controls over ad privacy. Google has introduced a revamped Ad Settings that should make it easier to both learn how ads target you and, more importantly, to reduce that targeting. You now see all the ad ta…


Apple to close iPhone security loophole used by police


The move will make it more difficult for hackers, and police, to unlock handsets without authorisation.


If your iPhone does this, get it fixed ASAP

Today we’re having a peek at a little-known sign of an error in a number of iPhones purchased over the past several years. The error appears in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and it shows itself as a “graying out” of apps. Once the graying begins, the phone cannot be shut down, or it becomes stuck in a … Continue reading


How to Continue to Download Chrome Extensions Without Using the Chrome Store 


I can’t recall the last time I didn’t install an extension from the Google’s Chrome Web Store. However, developers—up until now—have been allowed to offer their extensions as inline downloads. In other words, they could drop a download button on a website, you’d click on it and see a typical installation confirmation…

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