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Intel’s PC business is up 33 percent thanks to cheap notebooks

a85cc840-5c3f-11eb-bfeb-10234ab4073eWe already know that 2020 was a huge year for PC shipments, now Intel is confirming that report with explosive fourth quarter earnings results. The chipmaker says its PC business was up 33 percent compared to last year, with notebook revenue in parti…

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Goodbye CBS All Access, Hello Paramount+ And Tons of New Content

How many streaming services does anyone really need? And how specialized do you want them? That’s the big question for streaming these days, and thus far it’s hard to justify a CBS-specific service propped up mostly by Star Trek. Parent company ViacomCBS knows it too, and will rename the service to Parmount+ while adding tons of new shows and movies from other channels.

Just what do Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, BET, and the Smithsonian Channel have in common? They’re all owned by ViacomCBS, and they’re coming to the company’s streaming service. While CBS All Access focused only on CBS content like Star Trek and NCIS, the rebranded version will have far more shows and movies from the Paramount catalog.

Oh yes, there’s a rebrand. The new name not only reflects the greater variety of shows and movies, but also the near requirement of appending a plus symbol to a subscription service name. Soon CBS All Access will instead by known by Parmount+.

But name changes aside, the new content makes Parmount+ a more enticing option. Already if you head to the current CBS All Access site, you’ll see mentions of Avatar: the Last AirbenderPaw PatrolRENO 911!, and more. Altogether Viacom+ promises the updated streaming service will get access to “30,000 episodes of TV & up to 1,000 movies.”

That includes originals from MTV, Comedy Central, and more, that will go straight to Paramount+. The newly rebranded Paramount+ will launch in the U.S. on March 4, with other countries to follow shortly after.

Source: ViacomCBS

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Comcast Sucks. The Saga Continues – Episode 62|Data Capping the Pandemic

Perhaps you’ve heard about Comcast’s New Data Caps. They are very real…and very low. If you stream a lot of video, EVEN USING the XFINITY STREAM app, you WILL go over. Even if you only have HD…not even 4K…video.

Of course…They offer an ‘Add-On Unlimited’ plan for an extortionate price that’s more than some pay for their unlimited cell service each month. That’s just so nice of them.

Let’s stop for a second to reflect that this is occurring during a pandemic, where most Americans are stuck at home and depending on the Internet for remote learning for the kids, and just trying to stay connected to the world with video chats and Zoom calls. While many are struggling to pay bills and feed their families… In THIS environment, Comcast is choosing to place a stiff tax on the Internet service its customers are now so dependent on. Holy crap! That’s some cold blooded Bernie Madoff shit. Almost as bad as say, shorting airline stocks on 9/11. 

“How do they think they can get away with it?”, you ask.

Such an atrocity can only occur when a company has an unfair advantage over its customers, like the last mile monopoly that most cable companies…including Comcast around my house…fight HARD to maintain. If there’s no competition, you can’t really DO anything about it. That’s likely ending soon, once 5G coverage and devices converge to dilute this wiref monopoly, but not soon enough. 

For now, it seems Comcast knows it’s coming, and has decided that in the meantime, they should fleece their customers for every last cent they can. In this case, for the SAME SERVICE they currently provide (often poorly I might add). It’s criminal. Literally.

Some background.

We use Comcast’s Xfinity Stream app exclusively to watch TV in our house. We have 200mbps service and usually get around 110mbps. We don’t have movie channels, a cable box or any extras like pay per view. It costs around $145 a month. We have two HD (not 4K) smart screens and generally one of them is on all the time, rarely both. Based on network tracking, these two screens make up 85-90% of our data usage, and are almost exclusively streaming Live TV via the XFinity Stream app. So THAT’S what is pushing us over the unreasonably low 1.2TB Data Cap, as each screen uses around 30GB per day or around 900GB per month. JUST TO WATCH TV (HD) that is INCLUDED in our package on 2 screens, we can exceed our data cap and incur up to $100 in EXTRA charges!!!

Sure, we could Buck Up and pay the $30 surcharge for ‘Unlimited’ data, but honestly I would sooner MOVE. How long before the ‘unlimited’ data gets soft capped and slowed down? Or they get rid of ‘unlimited’ altogether, in favor of metering? The abuses will continue until they no longer have that last mile monopoly advantage. You can yell. You can scream. You can write angry letters. You can get fed up and pull the plug…or even move. 

You can also contact Comcast and complain. Do it NOW before you start getting charged extra. I can’t tell you if it will help, because I am still in conversation and so far they’ve offered no suitable resolution.

Or you can suffer, cut back on usage or pay extra and wait. Wait, until 5G is everywhere and Comcast becomes just another telco company competing for your business. Right now, they think they don’t have to compete. They think profiting on the suffering of others during a pandemic is fine. I’m telling them…and everyone else who can read, it’s NOT fine. At all.

Comcast data cap blasted by lawmakers as it expands into 12 more states

The back of a Comcast van driving along a street in Sunnyvale, California.

Enlarge / A Comcast van in Sunnyvale, California, in November 2018. (credit: Getty Images | Andrei Stanescu)

Dozens of state lawmakers from Massachusetts urged Comcast to halt enforcement of its 1.2TB monthly data cap, saying the cap hurts low-income people during the pandemic and is unnecessary because of Comcast’s healthy network capacity.

“Network capacity is not an issue for Comcast or a valid excuse to charge customers more,” 71 state lawmakers wrote in the letter last week, one day before Comcast brought its data cap to Massachusetts and other states where it wasn’t already enforced. “Comcast itself claims it has plenty of capacity across its network, including areas where no caps are currently imposed… It is inconceivable that Comcast would choose to impose this ‘cap and fee’ plan during a pandemic, when many Massachusetts residents are forced to work and attend school from home via the Internet.”

The letter said the lawmakers “strongly urge Comcast to discontinue this plan, and to reconsider any future attempts at imposing a data cap or any perversion of the principles of net neutrality in Massachusetts.” The lawmakers also pointed out a statement by Comcast executive Tony Werner, who said the increased broadband traffic caused by the pandemic “has all been within the capability of the network.”

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Apple reportedly took years to drop a supplier that used underage labor

32066500-1493-11eb-8ffe-aac9645d9dd1On Tuesday, The Washington Post and the Tech Transparency Project published an investigative report on one of Apple’s supply partners. The two say Apple, and several other companies, source parts from a Chinese supplier that allegedly uses forced Mus…

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Walmart will turn TikTok into its own home shopping network for one night

581d7c80-4079-11eb-9f7b-3babb341666bWalmart’s bid to invest in TikTok didn’t pan out, but that isn’t stopping the two from collaborating on an unusual project. As TechCrunch reports, Walmart ia hosting a “first-of-its-kind” live shopping event through its TikTok account on December 18t…

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The Newest DRL Racing Drones Will Come with T-Mobile 5G Radios

Racing drone; DRL promotional imageDrone Racing League

Drone racing is picking up speed as a new and exciting sport, and T-Mobile wants in. The US carrier is investing an undisclosed amount in the Drone Racing League, the most visible drone racing program in the world with live TV broadcasts on major sports networks. But T-Mobile isn’t sending just money: it’s packing 5G radios into the drones themselves.

This isn’t a promotional stunt—or at least, not only a promotional stunt. According to the press release, T-Mobile and DRL will “create the first integrated 5G racing drones, with the aim of authentically building them into the sport.” The first drones packed with 5G radio technology will debut during the 2021 DRL Allianz World Championship Season next year.

How exactly will 5G benefit racing drones, which already use low-latency connections to pilots’ wireless controllers and head-mounted displays? T-Mobile isn’t being specific. Its promotional page is full of 5G applications for drones in different scenarios, and talk about how low latency is essential for drones and the sport’s broadcasting system, but technical details on exactly what the 5G radios will be used for isn’t spelled out. It’s possible it could be used to give extra video feeds from the drones to the broadcasters and the audience without interfering with the pilots’ existing control and video systems.

Whatever the actual application, it’s clear that both T-Mobile and DRL see a value in this partnership. At the time of writing, exact dates for the 2021 DRL Allianz World Championship Season aren’t available.

Source: T-Mobile via T-Mo News 

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Pornhub removes all unverified videos from its platform

da59a100-392d-11ea-9bb7-c52b396e454aLast week, infamous porn-hosting site Pornhub made a big change by cutting off “unverified” uploads. Now, the company is taking things a step further and has removed all content that wasn’t uploaded by either a “content partner” or a verified user. O…

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Google Pushing Fuchsia OS to Public Open Source

Google-Fuchsia-Open-Source-Featured.jpg For four years, not that much has been known about the Fuchsia platform by Google. It just appeared with no explanation. The world is about to learn more about it. Google announced it is expanding the open source Fuchsia platform, making it public, and inviting contributions. Introduction of Google’s Fuchsia It has long been assumed that Fuchsia is meant to be a far-reaching mobile platform, based on the coding. Whether Google is planning for it to replace either Android or Chrome OS is unknown at this point, and Google’s announcement did nothing to clear that up. … Read more14152547.gif

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