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Toyota built an internal combustion engine that sips hydrogen, and it sounds awesome

Japanese auto giant Toyota is working on a new-age hydrogen vehicle. When the words Toyota and Hydrogen are in the same sentence, the hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai comes to mind. Still, the Mirai is a hydrogen-electric car or FCEV (fuel-cell electric vehicle). It uses hydrogen fuel to convert electricity and power an onboard electric motor. This time, Toyota came up with … Continue reading

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Elon Musk Shares Painfully Obvious Idea About the Difficulty of Self-Driving Cars


Elon Musk, one of the wealthiest people on the planet, sent a tweet Thursday night about the real problem with self-driving cars. And as you can probably guess by now, it’s one of those things that sounds profound until you stop to think about it for three seconds. That’s more or less Musk’s brand at this point.

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Subaru recalls nearly 900,000 vehicles for engine, suspension problems


The stalling recall covers more than 466,000 Crosstrek SUVs from 2018 and 2019 and Impreza cars from 2017 through 2019, and the suspension recall affects more than 408,000 2018 and 2019 Crosstreks and 2019 Foresters.

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Segway Makes Futuristic Hydrogen-Powered Motorcycles Now, Because Why Not

The Segway APEX H2 hybrid motorcycle.Segway

Check out Paul Blart’s new ride! Segway, the company that made ridiculous upright scooters in the 2000s, just announced its upcoming Apex H2 motorcycle, a futuristic vehicle with a hybrid hydrogen-electric powertrain.

Chinese startup Ninebot acquired the Segway company back in 2015 thanks to an $80 million investment from Xiaomi and Sequoia Capital. Since then, Segway has morphed into an ambitious electric vehicle company, developing rugged four-wheelers, delivery robots, scooters, and go-karts.

After showing off several concept motorcycles, Segway is finally ready to put the Apex H2 intro production. The Tron-inspired bike runs on a hybrid hydrogen-electric powertrain, which is a short way of saying that it pulls energy from a battery and from fuel cells filled with gaseous hydrogen. The hybrid design offers better mileage than an all-electric system, without the environmental consequences of a typical combustion engine.

Lined with Tron-inspired LEDs, the Apex H2 can accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in under four seconds. It has a max speed of 94 MPH, faster than the original Segway but slower than many motorcycles, and it emits water vapor from its exhaust pipe. Still, the bike’s bizarre design may scare off hardcore motorcyclists, as the Apex H2 uses a swingarm instead of a suspension fork, which usually results in poor steering and suspension.

The Apex H2 will enter production in 2023, and should go on sale in that same year. Segway says that the bike will cost ¥69,999, approximately $10,699. That’s not a bad price for a futuristic hydrogen-electric vehicle, and it could entice motorcyclists who are weary of the Apex H2’s unconventional, and potentially inconvenient design.

Source: Ninebot via Robb Report

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The U.S. Can Get to All Electric Vehicles by 2035


If all cars and trucks sold in the United States are electric by 2035, it could save consumers in the United States some $2.7 trillion over the course of the next 30 years, working out to roughly $1,000 in savings per household per year, a new analysis finds. And if you’re itching to start seeing that cash, you’re in…

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2021 VW ID.4 completes 6,700-mile cross-country drive from New York to California

Volkswagen is on a mission to shatter people’s misconceptions of range anxiety by engaging on an 18-day, 6,700-mile cross-country drive in its 2021 ID.4 all-electric crossover. The trip began in New York City in mid-March and ended last March 30 in Sacramento, California. “We proved exactly what we set out to do with this drive, which was to show that … Continue reading

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How to Ensure Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Is Accessible to Everyone


As the Biden administration puts the federal government’s muscle behind widespread electrification, one fact has becoming increasingly clear: The electric vehicle revolution is coming. But states have a lot of catching up to do if they want to make sure everyone is included, a new report shows.

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The 7 Best Phone Docks for Your Car

scosche car dock on a colorful backgroundScosche

Everyone knows not to use your phone while driving (we hope so, at least). So, what’s a driver to do? Slap that phone on your dashboard, of course. With a good car dock, you can put your phone on the dash, clipped to an air conditioning vent, or even in the cupholder, keeping it within eyeshot and allowing you to go hands-free. It’s a win-win.

What to Look for in a Phone Dock for Your Car

There are tons of great phone docks on the market, but which one is right for you? Here are a few key things to look for when making your decision.

  • Stability: You need good support for both the phone mount and for your phone. The phone mount needs to be secure enough when fastened to your dashboard, windshield, or car vents that it doesn’t detach while you’re driving. Then, your phone also needs to fit securely in the mount too.
  • Ease of Use: It should be easy to put your phone in the dock and just as easy to take it out. You shouldn’t have to fight with it and possibly damage your phone as you pull it out of the mount.
  • Magnetic vs. Spring-Loaded: There are two main ways to fasten your phone in the phone dock: by magnets or by a spring-loaded mechanism. With a magnet-based phone mount, you have to attach a magnet to the back of your phone or phone case. Sometimes this can interfere with wireless charging, depending on where you place the magnet. With a spring-loaded mount, you have to fit your phone into the spring-loaded arms each time. A spring-loaded mount is more convenient for multiple people unless you plan to buy magnets for all the phones you intend to use with the mount.
  • Will It Fit Your Phone?: It’s very important to make sure your phone and phone case, if applicable, will fit into the mount. If the mount you’re looking at only fits phones with up to a 6-inch display, but you have a thick case that adds an extra quarter of an inch, that mount is not going to work for you.
  • Mount Type: Lastly, there are four different places you can put your phone mount. You can clip it to your air vent, suction it to your dashboard or windshield, or place it in your cup holder. All four options will work great, though in some states it’s illegal to use a windshield mount, so check your state or county always before buying anything. Just think about where you want your phone to be while you’re driving.

Best Overall: iOttie Easy One Touch 4

iottie one touch 4 dash mountiOttie

iOttie is a highly reputable phone dock brand and the Easy One Touch 4 mount is the company’s  most popular option. It comes with an adhesive dashboard pad and a reusable suction cup for strong support. If you want the mount on your windshield, you’ll only use the suction cup.

One of the best things about this mount is its lock and release mechanism. You press the release bars for the side arms, touch your phone to the Easy One Touch trigger, then the arms automatically close around your phone to secure it.

Once your phone is in the mount, you can easily adjust it. The telescopic arm allows you to tilt your phone up and down up to 225 degrees and extend it up to 8 inches.

Best Overall

iOttie One Touch 4 Dash Mount

The iOttie One Touch 4 dash mount is a great easy option that works well for most people.


Best Budget: Trianium Magnetic Dash Car Mount

trianium magnetic phone mount for carTrianium

If you don’t have a whole lot to spend, the Trianium Magnetic mount is the one for you. There are four magnets built into the base and covered by a smooth rubber magnetic pad. Then, you’ll need to attach a metal plate to your phone or your phone case. It includes a protective film to prevent any scratches if you decide to attach the plate directly to your phone.

If you use any kind of wireless charger, you’ll have to remove the metal plate before you can start charging your phone. If you want to be able to use wireless charging more seamlessly, I’d go with the Scosche MagicMount below. But if you don’t use wireless charging or don’t mind removing the metal plate before prior to charging, this budget phone mount is a solid option.

Best Budget

Trianium Magnetic Dash Mount

The Trianium Magnetic dash mount is an affordable, yet effective option.

Best with Wireless Charging: Kenu Airframe Wireless

kenu airframe wireless charging phone dockKenu

Kenu’s Airframe Wireless phone dock is great if you love the convenience of wireless charging. Your phone case has to be less than 3mm thick for it to charge best, so if you have a thick case, you may want to consider other options.

All phones that are Qi-enabled, which is most new phones, work with the Airframe Wireless dock. It can charge up to 10W, with a max charging rate of 7.5W for iPhones and 9W for Samsungs. A wireless charging dock in your car means you won’t have to mess with annoying cables anymore, which is certainly a bonus.

The option pictured above is the vent mount, but there’s also a suction mount option if you would prefer it to be on your dashboard or windshield.

Best for Wireless Charging

Kenu Airframe Wireless Charging Phone Mount

The Kenu Airframe phone mount is a high-end option that lets you wirelessly charge your phone.

Best Magnetic: Aukey Car Phone Mount

aukey magnetic phone dock for your carAukey

If you want a magnetic mount for your phone so you don’t have to worry about adjusting spring-loaded arms, the Aukey Car Mount is perfect for you. There are four strong magnets inside the base, which you can adhere to your dashboard or your windshield.

Then, you either attach a metal plate to your phone or slip it in between your phone and your case. If you have a smaller phone, you use the circular metal plate provided; for larger phones, there’s a rectangular metal plate that’s a bit stronger. And again, if you use wireless charging on a regular basis, that’s something to keep in mind when buying Aukey’s magnetic mount. Before using wireless charging, you will need to remove the magnet from your phone or phone case.

Plus, the base can rotate 360 degrees, so it’s easy to get your phone in just the right place to view during a drive.

Best Magnetic

Aukey Magnetic Phone Mount

The Aukey Magnetic phone mount lets you place and remove your phone with strong magnets rather than spring-loaded arms.

Best Minimalist Design: Scosche MAGDMB MagicMount

scosche magnetic magicmount phone dockScosche

This option from Scosche is great if you don’t want your phone mount to take up too much space in your car. You attach this mount to your dashboard with a strong adhesive. Then, there’s a magnet plate you have to either attach to your phone or stick in your phone case and you’re good to go.

Though this phone dock is small, it’s pretty powerful. It uses Rare-Earth neodymium magnets to keep your phone secure during your drive. Plus, if you position the magnet plate in the right place behind your phone case, you can still use wireless charging stations without taking the magnet out.

The Scosche MagicMount also has a 4-axis, 360-degree head, so you won’t have any trouble moving your phone around to find the best angle.

Best Minimalist Design

Scosche Magnetic Mount

The Scosche magnetic mount is great if you want to prop your phone up, but don’t want your mount to take up tons of space on your dash.

Best for Thick Phone Cases: VANMASS Universal Car Mount

vanmass phone mount for thick phone casesVanmass

This is a heavy-duty phone mount that will fit phones of any size with pretty much any case, including Ring cases, OtterBox cases, a PopSocket, and more. On top of being designed to fit thick cases, this car phone mount is extremely sturdy.

The VANMASS phone holder has undergone vibration tests to ensure your phone won’t drop while you’re driving. Plus, it can hold up to 44 pounds, so your phone is definitely secure. It’s also weather resistant in extreme conditions, like -40 to about 194 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can attach this phone mount to your dashboard, windshield, or air vent.

Best for Thick Phone Cases

VANMASS Universal Car Phone Mount

If you have a hefty, protective case on your phone, the VANMASS phone mount has you covered.

Best Cup Holder Mount: TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount

topgo cup holder phone mount for carTopgo

A lot of car phone docks out there attach to your dashboard, windshield, or air vent. It’s simple to install any of the above options and, if installed properly, they are very secure. But sometimes there’s a fear that your phone will fall anyway. If you feel uncomfortable with your phone being suspended in a mount from your dashboard, windshield, or air vent, you should get a cup holder mount.

The TOPGO phone dock sits in your cup holder, as the name implies, giving your phone a strong, supportive base. You can easily adjust the height up to 8 inches tall and utilize the 360 degree rotation to turn your phone whichever way you want it.

It comes with an adjustable base, so you can fit it perfectly to your cup holder size. This newest version of the TOPGO phone mount can support a cup holder size of 2.4 inches to 4 inches.

Best Cup Holder Mount

TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount

The TOPGO phone mount gives you a great location alternative if you don’t want to mount your phone on your dash, windshield, or air vent.

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How to Turn On “Do Not Disturb While Driving” in Apple CarPlay

If you’re driving while using Apple CarPlay and you keep getting distracted by incoming messages and notifications, it’s easy to turn on “Do Not Disturb While Driving” from the CarPlay interface. Here’s how.

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How to Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps

Planning a long trip with numerous stops? This wikiHow will teach you how to add multiple destinations in Google Maps in the mobile app and your computer. You can create a map with multiple destinations for drives, walks, and bike rides.


[Edit]Using the Mobile App

  1. Open Google Maps. This app icon looks like a multicolored map pin that you’ll find on one of your Home screens, in the app drawer, or by searching.
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 1 Version 11.jpg
  2. Tap . You’ll see this blue Directions button in the lower right corner of your screen and will start Directions mode, which will prompt you for a starting location and destination.
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 2 Version 10.jpg
    • The process for adding multiple destinations is the same for both iOS and Android.
  3. Enter your starting location. By default, Maps will use your device’s current location. You can enter any location by tapping the “Your location” text field and then entering a custom one.
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 3 Version 10.jpg
    • Tap “Choose on map” to place a pin on the map you want to use as your starting location. Drag and zoom the map underneath the pin to position it.
  4. Tap “Choose destination” and enter your first destination. You can type the address, search for a business or place, or tap “Choose on map.” If you tap “Choose on map,” you can pan and zoom the map to place a pin for your destination.
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 4 Version 10.jpg
  5. Ensure that you have driving, cycling, or walking selected. Multiple destinations are not supported for transit or rides.
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 5 Version 10.jpg
  6. Tap the (Android) or (iOS) button. This three-dot button appears after you have entered your starting location and your destination, a route is shown on the map, but before you’ve tap Start.
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 6 Version 10.jpg
  7. Tap . This will add a new line underneath your first destination.
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 7 Version 10.jpg
    • If you don’t see this option, your device may be too old to support the feature.
  8. Enter in the second destination. You can search for a location or address, or tap “Choose on map” to place a pin.
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 8 Version 10.jpg
  9. Continue adding more stops (if needed). You can add up to nine destinations. Each time you add a destination, a new “Add stop” line will appear underneath until the limit is reached.[1]
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 9 Version 8.jpg
    • To rearrange your stops, you can drag and drop the two-line place-holder icons that are displayed to the right of the stop’s address.
  10. Tap . You’ll see this blue text to the right of the estimated trip time, below the list of stops you’ve added.
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 10 Version 8.jpg
  11. Tap . You’ll see this at the bottom of your screen and will start navigation.
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 11 Version 7.jpg

[Edit]Using the Google Maps Website

  1. Go to on your computer. The Google Maps site allows you to create maps with up to nine additional destinations.
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 12 Version 6.jpg
  2. Click the Directions button on the right side of the search box. This will open the sidebar and allow you to enter a starting location and your first destination.
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 13 Version 6.jpg
  3. Select your mode of transportation. Use the buttons along the top of the sidebar to select how you will be traveling. You can only set multiple destinations for driving, walking, and cycling. You cannot set multiple destinations for transit or airplanes.[2]
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 14 Version 6.jpg
  4. Enter your starting location. You can type an address, a business or landmark, or click a spot on the map. Click the “My location” option at the top of the search results to use your computer’s current location. You may be prompted by your browser to allow Google Maps to see your location.
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 15 Version 4.jpg
    • You must enter a starting location before you can add multiple destinations.
  5. Enter your first destination. Click the “Choose destination” box and then enter a destination just like you did your starting point.
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 16 Version 6.jpg
  6. Click if you haven’t already. If you started by selecting your destinations first (i.e. by clicking a spot on the map or searching for a destination when you first opened the map), click the round “Directions” button and pick a starting location. You’ll need to be in “Directions” mode with both a starting location and a destination before you can add multiple stops.
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 17 Version 6.jpg
  7. Click the button below the destination. This will add a new destination line for your second destination.
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 18 Version 6.jpg
    • Make sure that you have both a starting location and a destination set, or the “+” will not appear.
    • If you don’t see the “+” button, you may need to close “Route options.” You may also have the wrong travel method selected, as airplanes and transit do not support multiple destinations.
  8. Add your second destination. After clicking the “+” button, enter in your second destination like you did the first. You’ll see your route adjust so that you’re taken to your second destination after reaching the first.
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 19 Version 4.jpg
  9. Repeat for additional destinations. You can continue to add destinations in this fashion until you’ve completed your trip. You can only specify a single method of transportation for the entire trip.
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 20 Version 4.jpg
    • You can set up to ten total locations, including your starting point. If your trip has more destinations, you may have to create multiple maps for your trip.
  10. Drag the dots next to each destination to reorder them. You can drag and release the dots next to each destination if you need to reorder your trip. The new route will automatically be calculated.
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 21 Version 4.jpg
  11. Click the route you want to use. If there are multiple possible routes for your trip, they’ll be listed below your destinations, along with the total travel time. Click the route to view the turn-by-turn directions.
    Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps Step 22.jpg
    • You cannot send a trip with multiple destinations to your mobile device, so this option will be grayed out.
    • Click the “Print” button to send the map to your printer. You’ll have two options: printing with the map, or printing text directions only.
    • You can also click the Share button and send a link to the map to others via email.

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