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‘Red Dead Online’ is so broken it’s hilarious

294a3220-dbea-11ea-bbff-c725d2b6add2A recent Red Dead Online update has introduced some bizarre glitches: players not being able fire their guns, horses that run in place, missing characters and objects, a mysterious bald man and more. Fans are sharing their baffling gameplay experienc…

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8 Excellent Couch Co-op Action Games

Cuphead, Hyrule Warriors, Castle CrashersStudio MDHR, Nintendo, The Behemoth

Couch co-op gaming will never truly fade away—playing games with your teammates literally by your side is just too enjoyable. Combine that with the satisfying and just plain fun gameplay of a good action game, and you’re certainly in for a treat.

“Action” is an extremely broad genre, so when selecting games for this list we looked out for the titles that deliver on constant thrills as you play. Regardless if you’re taking on groups of enemies or intimidating boss fights, we just care that’s it’s a heart-pumping and action-packed experience.

Hand-Drawn Boss Encounters: Cuphead (PC/Xbox One/Switch/PS4)

From its reveal in 2014 to its release in 2017, Cuphead has been turning heads thanks to its unique hand-drawn art style. Not only does this game feature tight controls and some of the toughest bosses in gaming, but it also feels like you’re controlling a living cartoon thanks to the excellent animation. And you can enjoy this creative adventure with all with a friend as you play as Cuphead and Mugman.

You’re both going to die to the bosses a lot, but fortunately, you can keep each other in the fight by continually reviving one another. And when you finally beat that difficult boss, the sense of satisfaction you’ll both feel will be unmatched.

Cuphead is available on PC, Xbox One, Switch, and PS4.

Four-Player Chivarly: Castle Crashers (PC/Xbox One/Switch/PS4)

Castle Crashers is an iconic couch co-op game for it’s simple yet fun gameplay, comedic tone, and four-player co-op support. There are jokes around every corner as you and your teammates work together defeating bosses and enemies in an effort the save the princesses kidnapped by “The Wizard.” There are multiple characters to unlock and different weapons to use, so every run-through of the game will feel fresh as you experiment with the different combinations.

Castle Crashers is available on PC, Xbox One, Switch, and PS4.

Spell Slingers: Wizard of Legend (PC/Xbox One/Switch/PS4)

Casting spells has never been more fun and satisfying than in Wizard of LegendIn this top-down roguelike (a genre of games where you have to restart your character after each death), you’ll learn how to make use of various spells and magical abilities to progress through stages and fight enemies. There are two-player co-op and a wide variety of spells to use, so you and your friend can each create your own loadouts and become the perfect duo.

Wizard of Legend is available on PC, Xbox One, Switch, and PS4.

Lunging Luchadors: Guacamelee 1 and 2 (PC/Xbox One/Switch/PS4)

The bright and vivid world of the Guacamelee series is filled to the brim with enemies to fight. At their core, these games are 2D platformers, but you don’t just jump on enemies to defeat them. You play as powerful Luchadors, so you can expect to use a variety of wrestling moves to keep combos going for massive damage. Both games are pretty similar gameplay-wise and support two-player co-op, so you can’t go wrong with either. But, as a sequel, Guacamelee 2 does naturally expand on the concepts introduced in the first game.

Guacamelee is available on PC, Xbox One, Switch, and PS4, as is Guacamelee 2 (PC, Xbox One, Switch, and PS4).

Flashy Moves: River City Girls (PC/Xbox One/Switch/PS4)

Classic beat em’ ups of the arcade era like Golden Axe are a great time in two-player co-op, and River City Girls aims to recapture that gameplay with some modern flair. You’re not just limited to normal punches and kicks here, there’s a great selection of ultra-flashy moves between the two selectable characters. Whether you’re whacking people with a backpack or stunning enemies with the flash from your phone, River City Girls’ combat never stops being interesting as you fight through the stages.

River City Girls is available on PC, Xbox One, Switch, and PS4.

Sprawling RPG: Outward (PC/Xbox One/PS4)

“Open-world RPG” is likely not a genre that springs to mind when it comes to couch co-op, but Outward aims to change that. Outward has all the makings of a great RPG including a massive fantasy world to explore. But most importantly, it supports two-player co-op throughout the entire game. You can each create a character, choose your weapons and items, then explore this world together.

Outward is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Hordes of Foes: Hyrule Warriors (Switch)

It’s hard to think of a franchise that embodies the “action” moniker more than the Dynasty Warriors series, and this Nintendo sanctioned spinoff is perfect for some co-op fun on the Switch. Taking place in the Zelda universe, Hyrule Warriors features massive hordes of enemies that you can cut through with the various characters. And there are a lot of characters to choose from (31 to be exact), including some more obscure picks that fans are sure to love playing as.

Even if you aren’t a fan of Zelda series, the action-packed gameplay the Warriors series is known for is in full effect here. Characters use massive, sweeping attacks that clear out enemies quickly and spectacularly. It’s not particularly in-depth, but the simple joy of tearing through hordes of enemies and racking up points keeps you playing for many hours. There’s a full story mode present, along with additional gameplay modes, such as “Adventure Mode” where you complete missions with special requirements on a map styled after the original Legend of Zelda game. All of the game modes fully support two-player co-op, so there’s plenty of content to work through here.

For Fire Emblem fans, Fire Emblem Warriors does much of the same as Hyrule Warriors except in the Fire Emblem universe. It’s also fully playable in two-player co-op, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you want more of the gameplay seen in Hyrule Warriors. 

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What Professional Fortnite Looks Like for Women

In the world of eSports, women gamers are still very much in the minority. VICE follows various women in eSports in their competitive gaming journey from the amateur to the professional level.

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Logitech’s $400 G923 Racing Wheel Offers Incredible Feedback for Simulation Fans

Logitech G923 racing wheelLogitech

If you like your racing games serious, you know that the only “real” way to play is with a wheel. Those who prefer to simulate rather than merely play can pour thousands of dollars into an advanced gaming setup, and Logitech is here for them, with the $400 G923 Racing Wheel. It’s up for pre-order now and shipping later in August.

The wheel comes in Xbox and PlayStation varieties, with both of them boasting compatibility for the PC. (If you’re primarily a PC player, I’d go with the Xbox version.) The wheel uses a steel and aluminum construction covered with hand-stitched leather, complemented with steel pedals and steel racing-style shifter pedals. That wheel can turn a total of 900 degrees with a hall-effect sensor.

But the star of the show is the force feedback system, what elevates this from merely a controller to a wheel simulation. Its internal motors continually adjust their electrical current for precision simulated feedback, which is fancy talk for “it really feels like you’re driving a car.” Other notable functions include an LED rev indicator and dual-clutch launch assist in supported games, and full Xbox/PlayStation controller inputs on the inner wheel for easy game navigation.

Logitech G923 Trueforce feedbackMichael Crider

Players can either use automatic, developer-supplied profiles from supported games (like Farming Simulator—yes, really!) or customize their own in Logitech’s G software. The long list of supported titles mostly includes dual clutch functionality, though only a few take full advantage of Logitech’s TrueForce feedback system, including GRID 2019, Assetto Corsa Competitzione, and Gran Turismo Sport on the PS4.

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Cars are coming to ‘Fortnite’

bef32f20-d708-11ea-b7fe-eab6cb3945dcAt long last, Epic Games is adding regular old cars to Fortnite. The aptly-named Joy Ride Update will introduce four vehicles — the Islander Prevalent sedan, Victory Motors Whiplash sports car, OG Bear pickup truck and Titano Mudflap six-wheeler –…

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‘The Alto Collection’ Will Be Released for PC and Consoles on August 13

The Alto Collection bundle of Alto's Adventure and Alto's Odyssey available for PC and consoles on August 13Team Alto

If you’re a fan of Alto’s Adventure or Alto’s Odyssey, we’ve got good news: Team Alto is releasing both games together as The Alto Collection on August 13. The bundle will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store on that date and sometime later for the Nintendo Switch.

Though Alto’s Adventure was originally released on Windows, Alto’s Odyssey wasn’t, and neither were ever available on gaming consoles. However, with the massive success of both games, Team Alto has decided to bring the games to a wider audience so everyone can enjoy its relaxing (though difficult to master) gameplay. The procedurally-generated games offer stunning visuals of landscapes you can explore by snowboarding or sandboarding while rescuing llamas, escaping foes, and successfully landing tricks.

The Alto Collection will run you $9.99 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Epic Game Store. Even better, you can grab it free on the Epic Game store until August 20th. No details have been released as of yet regarding price or the date of availability on the Nintendo Switch’s eShop, or whether any changes have been made to either game for this special bundle.

Source: Team Alto via Engadget

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17 Cross-Platform Games to Play with Friends

Dauntless, Rocket League, and MinecraftPhoenix Labs, Psyonix LLC, Mojang Studios

Cross-platform multiplayer is more prevalent than ever, and while it may not be available for every major game yet, there’s still a great selection of titles that support it. Not all crossplay is created equal though, as some games may limit what systems can play with each other. Sometimes, this is simply because the game is only available on a limited number of systems, but other times, systems are specifically separated for technical or balancing reasons.

We’re going to outline exactly what systems each game allows for crossplay, so you don’t have to do that digging yourself. Besides that though, there’s not much more to say, so let’s just get started.

Cooperative Action Games

Dauntless, Sea of ThievesPhoenix Labs, Rare Ltd

There’s nothing quite like a good action game, and ones where you can work with your friends to complete a common objective are even better.

  • Dauntless (Crossplay between PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC): Heavily inspired by the Monster Hunter series, Dauntless sees you teaming up with a squad of friends to hunt down and defeat intimidating beasts together. And, as you defeat harder and harder monsters, you can craft increasingly powerful gear to organically increase your avatar’s power level as well.
  • Sea of Thieves (Crossplay between Xbox One and PC): Are you ready to be a pirate? Because in this swashbuckling adventure, you and your friends can form a crew and sail the waves from island to island gathering treasure or, if you’re feeling aggressive, steal treasure from others. With beautiful visuals and plenty of charm thrown in, you’re sure to make many memories in Sea of Thieves. (Also worth noting, Sea of Thieves is on Xbox Game Pass for both PC and Xbox One, which is a significantly cheaper way to try it out.)
  • Deep Rock Galactic (Crossplay between Xbox One and PC): You’ve probably done plenty of mining in plenty of games. Well, now you can really put those spelunking skills to the test by mining precious gems from the hearts of dangerous planets and asteroids—while dealing with plenty of enemies of course. (Note: Deep Rock Galactic is available on both Steam and the Windows Store for PC. Crossplay with the Xbox One version only works with the Windows Store version.)

Competitive Games

Killer Queen Black, Rocket LeagueLiquid Bit LLC, Psyonix LLC

Some healthy competition never hurt anyone. So, when it comes to these games, you’re going to have plenty of fun either teaming up with your friends to take down other teams, or just competing with your friends for that glorious victory screen.

  • Rocket League (Crossplay between PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC): You know what would make soccer better? Rocket-powered cars. And, in that case, Rocket League acts as a wonderful proof of concept. Team up with your friends and face against other players online, or duke it out amongst yourselves to climb up the effectively infinite skill ladder.
  • Fortnite (Crossplay between PS4, Xbox One, Switch, iOS, Android, and PC): You probably don’t need us to tell you about Fortnite—it’s one of the most popular games in the world right now. But with the impressive number of platforms Fortnite supports, plus the fact that it’s completely free, it makes it a crossplay game almost anyone can get in on. It’s worth noting that Fortnite’s crossplay is a bit more complex than other games. When it comes to joining lobbies, Fornite has a hierarchy of platforms that it will join your squad with depending on what platforms you’re all playing on. PC is the highest, then Xbox One and PS4, and then Mobile or Switch. So basically, even if you’re playing on a phone, if one of your friends is playing on a PC, you’ll all join a PC lobby, and so on and so forth.
  • Paladins (Crossplay between PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC): While Overwatch may not offer crossplay support, Paladins does a pretty good job at capturing that same hero-based team gameplay. Paladins is also free to play, so no matter your friend’s system or budget, you can play together.
  • Brawlhalla (Crossplay between PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC): Another free to play title, this time taking inspiration from the Super Smash Brothers series. Brawlhalla has you knocking your opponents out of the arena to gain points. With a wide cast of characters and the option to play against your friends, or team up with them in ranked mode, there’s plenty of bombastic brawling to be had here.
  • Killer Queen Black (Crossplay between PC and Switch): Fast-paced arcade games are always a great time, and Killer Queen Black takes that action-packed gameplay and transforms it into a team-based strategy brawler where you can win each match in any of three ways. There are multiple classes to master, and the base movement mechanics can be surprisingly complex. So, grab your four most strategic friends, form a team, and prepare to fight to the end in the pixelated bug-off.
  • Street Fighter V (Crossplay between PC and PS4): The Street Fighter franchise needs no introduction; it’s one of the most iconic fighting games of all time. And the latest entry, Street Fighter V, is no different with a thriving competitive scene both off and online.
  • Apex Legends (Crossplay between PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC): Another battle royale game, but Apex Legends is quite different from Fortnite in both gameplay and tone. Apex Legends is a first-person shooter and focuses more on movement than its cartoony competitor. And, while crossplay hasn’t been implemented yet at the time of writing, later this Fall it will be introduced with support for all platforms, along with the Switch version’s release.

Crafting/Survival Games

No Man's Sky, MinecraftHello Games, Mojang Studios

When designed well, a survival (or crafting-focused) game can give players hundreds of hours of content. And because these games are commonly about spending those many hours working towards long-term projects, adding a few friends to the equation can speed up that process significantly.

  • Minecraft (Crossplay between PS4, Xbox One, Switch, iOS, Android, and PC): Minecraft was actually a leader in crossplay support, featuring crossplay between all major platforms with no complications before many other games. Of course, Minecraft itself is ridiculously well-known, but now you can rest assured that no matter the platform, you and your friends can build up your own blocky world together. (Note: There are two versions of Minecraft on PC: Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on the Windows Store. Only the Windows Store version works for crossplay.)
  • No Man’s Sky (Crossplay between PS4, Xbox One, and PC): Explore a seemingly endless universe in No Man’s Sky, all with a few friends by your side. Fly your ships, explore the procedurally generated planets, and complete quests together, all while staking a name for yourself in this oversized sandbox.
  • Ark Survival Evolved (Crossplay between Xbox One and PC): Ark Survival Evolved falls into the more difficult class of survival games, as it sees you and your friends surviving in a dangerous world full of dinosaurs. But as you progress through the game and start taking over part of the island as your own, you can actually tame those same dinosaurs and command them to do some of the work for you. It’s a time-intensive game, but if you’re willing to put the hours in, you can have a good time here. (Note: Ark Survival Evolved is available on both Steam and the Windows Store for PC. Crossplay with the Xbox One will not work if you are playing on the Steam version. Ark is also available on PS4, but crossplay is not supported at all.)
  • Astroneer (Crossplay between Xbox One and PC)Astroneer focuses on laid-back survival and crafting. There aren’t many immediate threats or pressing issues, rather, you just build your base at your own pace, while experimenting with the various gadgets you can create. This makes it the perfect game to play if you or your friends are new to the genre. But even for those who are veterans of the genre, Astroneer can offer up a nice change of pace.  (Note: Astroneer is available on both Steam and the Windows Store for PC. Crossplay with the Xbox One will not work if you are playing on the Steam version. Astroneer is also available on the PS4, but crossplay is not supported at all.)


Wargroove, Ultimate Chicken HorseChucklefish, Clever Endeavour Games

These games may not fit into any singular category, but they’re still worth looking at when it comes to crossplay multiplayer.

  • Wargroove (Crossplay between Xbox One, Switch, and PC): Harkening back to the niche Nintendo series Advance WarsWargroove is a turn-based strategy game about managing various units to win the day. In multiplayer, you and your friends can either play as a team or play against each other. Either way, you’re sure to have a good time micro-managing these pixelated soldiers. (Note: Wargroove is also available on PS4, but crossplay is not compatible with that version.)
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse (Crossplay between PS4, Switch, and PC): Ultimate Chicken Horse is about balance. The balance between your desire to win and your desire to make your friends fail. At the beginning of every round, each player gets the opportunity to place a stage element or obstacle. As the stage builds up, you have to make sure it remains possible for you to beat while being too difficult for your opponents. You can probably already see where the strategy comes in with that. (Note: Ultimate Chicken Horse is also available on Xbox One, but crossplay is not compatible with that version.)
  • Forza Horizon 4 (Crossplay between Xbox One and PC): Open-world racers are a great time, and Forza Horizon 4 offers one of the most beautiful maps in the genre, along with some of the deepest car customization (for both tuning your car’s performance and how it looks). So, start your engines, and get ready to rip through the United Kingdom with reckless abandon. (Also worth noting, Forza Horizon 4 is available on the Xbox Game Pass for both the Xbox One and PC, which is a significantly cheaper way to try it out.)

It’s great to see crossplay in any game, and the fact that we now have such a high-quality and varied selection of titles to choose from is even better. And, of course, that selection will only continue to grow as crossplay becomes a more standardized aspect of multiplayer gaming.

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Playing ‘Flight Simulator’ at home feels like meditation

469a2763-d1f2-11ea-bffb-1b11d679e687Hummm. That sound has been playing on a quiet loop at the base of my brain for the past few days, propping up all of my other thoughts with soothing white noise. It’s the background tone of Microsoft Flight Simulator, which I’ve been playing in previ…

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How to Play Android Games on Linux

android-games-linux-featured.jpg Fancy playing Android games on your desktop? We have shown you how to do so in Windows, but what about Linux? If you want to play Android games on Linux, we have the solution. Play Android Games With Anbox Anbox is essentially a version of Android running in a container. When set up, it allows you to run Android applications in an integrated manner with your operating system just like a native Linux application. This platform can be used to run Android games on Linux. Installing Anbox on Linux Currently, the… Read more13767885.gif

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