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How Android Banking Trojans Are Slipping Past Google Play’s Defenses

In what is a grim reminder to be careful what you install, a new bunch of Android apps have been downloaded more than 300,000 times and are stealing bank account information and draining accounts.

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What Is Telegram and Why You Should Try It

Telegram logo on a black backgroundTelegram

Telegram is a multimedia, cross-platform messenger app that combines a lot of the features of your favorite social networks into one interface. Let’s have a look to see everything it has to offer.

Telegram has been around since 2013 but remains a hidden gem in the social media world. It’s got great tools for one-on-one chatting, group messaging, social networking, as well as voice and video calls. Telegram also offers remarkable privacy features, customization options, and cross-platform capabilities.

Take Messaging to the Next Level

Three screenshots of the Telegram chat interface

Telegram’s most basic function is one-on-one chats. It works just like texting and the DM features in other chat apps. But there are some bonus features that you won’t find in some other services. For example, Telegram allows you to edit your messages after you’ve sent them. So, if you made an embarrassing error, you can fix it without sending a new message with the correction. Not many messengers have this capability, but others that do include Discord, Slack, and Teams.

Additionally, Telegram lets you delete messages after you’ve sent them for both you and the recipient. That comes in handy if you send a message in haste, the heat of emotion, or maybe even drunk, and want to avoid embarrassment before the recipient gets a chance to open it. Not only that, but you can also remove messages you’ve received from other users on both ends. So, you’re able to spare the drunk texters the humiliation of discovering what they said the night before when hangover time comes.

Then there’s multimedia messaging. With Telegram, you can send one-minute video messages and unlimited-length voice messages. If you want to get around the video time limit, record a long video on your phone and upload it to the chat. Videos, files, and other documents sent through Telegram can be up to 2GB in size. That’s huge compared to other messengers. In contrast, Gmail and Facebook Messenger have an upper limit of just 25MB.

Sometimes, simple text or an emoji won’t do. Telegram offers more than 20,000 animated stickers that allow you to express a full array of emotions fit to your distinct taste and style. Stickers are standard among messengers these days, but no other services match Telegram’s sheer volume of choices.

Telegram includes other nifty tools such as scheduled and silent messages. Scheduling messages comes in handy if you know that you need to remind someone about something at a particular time or know you’ll be away from the internet when you need to send a message. Messages can send at a specific time or the next time the recipient comes online. Silent messages are great for when you want to message someone at three in the morning but don’t want to wake them up with a notification. The message will arrive with no notification attached, and they’ll see it the next time they check the app.

Next Generation Social Networking

Danny Chadwick's channel on Telegram

Channels on Telegram are comparable to a Twitter feed but are far more versatile. Whereas Twitter limits the number of characters in a single post, Telegram does not. You can also gussy up your channel posts with images, links, videos, and more. Plus, if you learn how to use bots (more on that later), you’re even able to add custom reaction emojis, comments sections, and URL buttons. Channel posts appear in your subscriber’s chat feeds, making it easier for them to scroll through just your posts and not have them lost in the noise and algorithmic manipulation you find on Twitter.

Chat groups are common among messenger and social media apps. But Telegram offers a few extra perks. For example, chat groups on Telegram have an upper limit of a whopping 200,000 members. This is a double-edged sword because larger groups tend to have a considerable signal-to-noise ratio. But when groups near the 200,000-member threshold, admins can apply to convert it to an unlimited “broadcast group” where only they can post. Admins of any group size have special abilities such as group analytics, the ability to post anonymously (as the group’s name) and assign members special responsibilities.

Groups and channels can start voice chats for unlimited audiences. It’s sort of like your personal radio station. You start the voice chat and start talking away to your audience. If someone else wants to talk, they raise their hand, and you decide whether or not to bring them into the broadcast. There’s also a live chat where listeners can comment on what’s going on. Voice chats also support video and the ability to share screens from any device. It can be a lot of fun when you attract a big audience.

Native Apps for Any Device

Telegram app options for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux.Telegram

Telegram has native apps for all mainstream mobile, desktop, and tablet platforms: iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. If you’re one of the rare users that don’t use one of these platforms, you can always access Telegram through a browser. Plus, logging in through a browser comes in handy if you’re not around one of the devices you have Telegram installed on.

When you sign up for Telegram, you must give them your phone number. But that doesn’t mean that everyone you chat with has access to it. When you create your account, you choose a username to share with anyone you want without disclosing your personal information. However, be aware that when you sign up for Telegram and sync your contacts, everyone you know that’s already on the service will receive a notification when you sign up. But there’s a way to avoid that.

If you decide to switch to Telegram and bring your friends along with you, don’t worry about losing those years of chat history. Telegram enables you to migrate your chats from services such as WhatsApp, Line, and KakaoTalk. It would be nice to see this ability extended to Facebook Messenger, but Facebook would have to allow Telegram access, which probably won’t happen any time soon.

Tailor Telegram to Your Tastes

Telegram's appearance customization screen on iOS.

Telegram allows you to change the look and feel of its interface through the Appearance section in the app’s settings. You can customize Dark and Night mode, the color of text bubbles, chat background, text size, message corners, and even the app icon on your smartphone. You can even create a custom theme yourself to send to other users or import one made by someone else. This level of customization is rare, if not unique, in the messenger app world.

Telegram Bots are an invaluable tool to make your experience exactly the way you want. It takes a little time to learn how to use them. But once you do, you’ll be able to create deeply personalized channel reactions, get special notifications and news feeds, integrate Telegram with other services like Gmail and YouTube, receive payments, and even build brand-new tools. If you’re a programmer or a developer, you’ll find Telegram to be a fantastic creative playground.

Lockdown Your Information

Telegram's privacy and security screen on iOS.

Telegram’s privacy and security settings have a lot to offer. The most powerful is locking down your app by requiring a passcode or Face ID to open it. You also have the option to enable two-step verification before anyone can access your app—an invaluable feature if your device is ever stolen or hacked. You can also limit who can see your phone number when you were last online, profile picture, calls, forwarded messages, and what groups and channels you’re a part of.

One of the most powerful privacy tools Telegram offers is self-destructing, end-to-end encrypted chats. Telegram calls them “secret chats,” and they’re separate from normal chats. To start a secret chat, you open a contact’s profile and select “start secret chat.” Secret chats are exclusive to the device you create them on. Once you start the secret chat, you can set messages to self-destruct after the recipient sees them. The self-destruct timer can be set from one second to one week. When you delete a secret chat, it’s gone from the Earth, leaving no trace on Telegram’s servers. So if you have super-duper secret business to conduct, secret chats are the way to go. Just be aware that nothing is perfect, and there are always flaws that determined snoopers can exploit.

Telegram employs end-to-end encryption on all video and voice calls made through their service, which means that nobody can eavesdrop on your conversations, not even Telegram. You might think that only spies and criminals need such tools. But, in a world where mass surveillance is becoming the norm, it’s good to have the peace of mind that comes with encrypted communications.

When you have a picture or a video that you want to send to someone, but you don’t want them to have it forever, Telegram lets you send them with a self-destruct timer. The timer can be set from one second to one minute, and the recipient won’t have the option to download the image in that time. As with secret chats, there’s no trace of the content left on Telegram’s servers. And although there’s nothing stopping screenshots, Telegram notifies you if the recipient nabs the pic that way.

If you decide to try out Telegram and decide it’s not for you, you don’t have to worry about your content and information staying in their system forever. When your Telegram account goes fallow, it’s automatically deleted after six months by default, with the option to set it to one, three, or 12 months.

Why Try Telegram When You Already Have Apps with Similar Features?


Telegram's website displaying the reasons why you should try it.Telegram

Most of these features aren’t unique to Telegram, and you’ll find them on other services such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, MarcoPolo, Discord, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and more. So, you might wonder why you should add yet another app onto your home screen. The answer is that no other app has all the features mentioned above. It’s the combination of all the things you love about your other messenger apps and social media platforms into one interface.

Telegram is also an excellentTelegram might be the best social media platform you’ve never heard of. Let us know if you already use Telegram, and why!  The big names in the tech world are constantly making headlines for being overtly political, censorious, and untrustworthy stewards of your personal information. Telegram prides itself on being a platform that anyone can use without fear that big tech will bring the ban-hammer down on them or use their personal information for profit.

Furthermore, Telegram has gone to bat for its users’ privacy against some of the most powerful governments in the world, most notably in Russia. In 2018, the Russian government demanded Telegram release encryption keys and private data of its users. Telegram refused and suffered a two-year ban in the country. So if they’ll stand up to governments at the risk of their own business, it’s a fair bet that you can trust them with your data.

The bottom line is that Telegram is a useful, versatile, safe, and fun app. You should at least try it out. It is best enjoyed with friends and family, so you may have to coax them to try too. But, you might be surprised by how many of them already use it.

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‘Final Fantasy’ meets ‘Fortnite’ is more fun than it should be

Fortnite and Final Fantasy. A doomed pairing of the most lucrative recent gaming phenomenon with one of the most storied video-game franchises spanning over 30 years? I love Final Fantasy, mostly. I’m lukewarm on Fortnite and the battle royale format in general. With Metroid Dread, Shin Megami Tensei, Alan Wake Remastered and Deathloop on my to-do list, why am I still glued to a free-to-play mobile game?

Probably because it’s expanding the already very-expanded Final Fantasy VII universe. The game that got the sequel CGI movie, the remake, multiple mobile games and more. And yet, barring a smart intro movie that cribs from the opening scenes of FF7R, you won’t see the protagonists (or antagonists) of the iconic RPG — though you’ll be able to cosplay as them.

In First Soldier, you play as, well, recruits looking to become the first Soldier — a specific top-class army member. Cloud, from FFVII, is introduced in the original as “Soldier, First Class” and this game takes everything back 30 years to the early formation of Shinra Corp’s military finest.

The setting, then, is a battle royale to see how augmented soldiers fare against each other (and whatever beasts come their way in the process). The battleground is a surprisingly expansive map on the outskirts of Midgar — while also featuring many of the major landmarks of Midgar’s sectors. Aerith’s church and childhood home is there to be shot at, as is the arena, Sector 7’s markets, the abandoned trainyard and more. The battle theme of FF7 kicks in as helicopters swarm into the area, dropping off recruits. It still gets me excited every time.

The grounds are littered with guns, from handguns to sniper rifles, as well as materia (magic orbs that offer both offensive and support capabilities) and even pretty rare summoning spells. I’ve yet to summon anything so far. There are also potions to pick up and help extend your chances of survival.

These are the baseline weapons and items. Differentiating itself from Fortnite — if not all BR games; we see you Apex and Warzone — you can also choose a job role, a la most RPGs. This mostly affects your special ability, your melee weapon and how you attack with it. Warrior is a straight-shooting class with a sword and a rush special that closes distance so you can wallop your rivals before they can get a shot in. Monks have the ability to heal themselves when they mete out damage, while Ninjas get an extra jump and the ability to hide in stealth mode for a few seconds.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

Sorcerers come with a special ability that supercharges MP recovery for more regular offensive (and healing spells), while the ranger reloads guns faster than the others — and has a very convenient Assess skill that will mark threats around you even when they’re out of sight.

Each feels slightly different to play with, but there’s a pleasant balance to the different roles, though both soldier and monk suffer from having to rely on their melee attack for their advantages.

Let me say this outright; you should play First Soldier with a gamepad. Fortunately, I’m testing out Backbone, a third-party connected controller for iPhone that means I was already in a good place to aim my guns and spells. Magic casting controls are a bit messy — you’ll need to hold down an L-trigger while pressing another collar button to unleash one of three spells you may have picked up. Those melee attacks, which all job classes have, are really hard to land on your enemies, regardless of whether you’re using a gamepad or touch controls. Hopefully, the devs are able to finesse melee attacks as the game progresses. 

This means that, in a rather un-Final Fantasy way, you’ll come to depend on your guns for most of your kills. But hey, getting that sniper headshot kill is a thrill. Killing other players or monsters, opening chests and surviving through the rounds will level up your character through the match itself. This adds to your attack damage and increases your HP, meaning you should also last longer. It also rewards proactive play and exploration, and not just trying to survive to the final area.

As you might expect from a free-to-play battle royale game, there are season passes available for purchase. These offer up skins, banners, emotes and more cosmetic goodies for wannabe Soldiers. Even without a pass, you can earn a few rewards by fulfilling “rank” criteria during the battles. Gain stars, level up your rank — which is unrelated to leveling up your individual job ranks — and you’ll gain access to a smattering of wardrobe options or chocobo-raising items. I’m currently wearing a moogle hat, please say hi.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

Square Enix

Yes, there’s also a chocobo rearing mini-game buried inside First Soldier, and you’re able to summon your favorite steed to the battles as a very handy transport option. It isn’t the only way to speed around levels, however. There are also cars and bikes to get you within the battle arena. The shrinking arena damages anyone outside its perimeter, but you’re able to persist with potions and healing spells and hopefully make it to safety.

The only drawback growing, as I play, is the fact that my leveling up has no tangible effect on my performance in the game — which is true of most battle royale games. The appeal is that each new battle isn’t affected by the round before it, but then chasing these goals (play two rounds as a warrior; make 300 pts of damage with a shotgun; visit Corneo’s mansion) soon tires. What exactly is the point?

For now, the point is that First Soldier skirmishes are entertaining, and the difficulty curve isn’t too brutal. I’ve won a few rounds, out of 75 players, and come second a handful of times. One colleague told me that early iterations of battle royale games are often filled with bots to juice the numbers (and offer up some encouraging early wins) but I will not let him take this tiny victory away from me.

Hopefully Square Enix has plans to offer more levels, weapons and events to spice it up. There are some limited-edition bosses throughout the Midgar level. I’ve managed to best two of them, but I’ve also been felled by Tonberry — a notoriously powerful monster from the Final Fantasy series— a few too many times. Maybe I should try fighting him as a ninja…

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is out now on Apple App Store and Google Play.

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How to Find Which Apps Are Using the Most Memory on Android

Many Android phones have plenty of memory these days, but not everyone wants to shell out the cash for them. Even if you do, you may wonder what apps are eating up RAM. We’ll show you how to find out.

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What Is a System on a Chip (SoC)?

With so much talk about Apple’s M1 and smartphone chips these days, you might hear about the “system on a chip” (SoC) designs used in them. But what are SoCs, and how do they differ from CPUs and microprocessors? We’ll explain.

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8 Ways to Compress PDF Documents on Desktop and Mobile


The beauty of the PDF format is that you can open it on any platform, be it desktop or mobile. It is easy to create, send, share, read, and edit PDF documents and works everywhere. Unfortunately, some PDF files are too large. This poses problems that we will discuss below, along with a solution: compress PDF documents on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

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Drawbacks of Large PDF Documents

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Tesla app outage locked some owners out of their cars


Tesla’s app server went down a few hours ago, leading to a worldwide app outage that left owners unable to connect to their cars. For those who’ve been mostly dependent on their phones instead of their keycards, that means being locked out of their vehicles. Electrek first reported the issue after receiving complaints from Tesla owners on Friday night, and for a while it seemed like the problem only affected drivers in North America. But then, an owner from Seoul, South Korea tweeted at Elon Musk about getting a server error on their app, to which the Tesla CEO replied that he’s “checking” it out.

Checking …

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 19, 2021

Other tweets show owners calling for roadside assistance and delaying their plans for the night. The outage came shortly after the automaker rolled out an update to its application, which Electrek said includes a feature that Tesla had issues implementing. It’s unclear if that was connected to the outage, since Musk has yet to follow up on his initial response. Regardless, it looks like the outage is starting to get resolved. Downdetector received as many as 543 reports a few hours ago, but now they’re down to less than a hundred. 

Being locked out of vehicles could be an ongoing problem as automakers move to cloud services and increase reliance on smartphone apps. As this situation showed, however, it’s still wise to carry around a keycard/keyfob as backup just in case.

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Android May Soon Translate iMessage Reactions Into Emoji for Green Bubbles


If you have an Android phone, you’re probably used to seeing a line from an iPhone-using friend or family member that they’ve “emphasized” your previous message. What does that even mean? In iMessage speak, that’s a double exclamation mark, or the ‼ emoji.

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How to Use Adaptive Battery to Make Your Android Phone Last as Long as Possible


From dimming the screen brightness to switching on airplane mode to carrying around a portable charger, keeping a smartphone battery alive as long as possible between charges is a challenge that we’ve faced for as long as smartphones have been around. With the many upgrades we’ve seen from smartphones over the years,…

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The Best Tech Gifts for Music Lovers for Holiday 2021

Close up of headphones on turntableddisq/

Everyone loves music, but some people love it just a little bit more. For those people, a musical gift around the holidays just makes sense. All of these techy gifts are sure to put a smile on their face and make them want to play their favorite tunes immediately.

Whether your recipient loves to listen to music privately from the comforts of their home or at concerts where they can jam out with other people, we’ve got music lovers of all varieties covered on this list. And really, everyone loves music, so most people on Earth would appreciate any of these gifts.

Experience Top-Quality Noise-Cancellation: Sony WH-1000XM4

Sony WH-1000XM4Sony

Anyone who loves music needs a good pair of headphones or earbuds. Sony’s 1000XM4 headphones are just beautiful, to say the least. They have noise-canceling technology built-in that works amazingly with five built-in microphones and dual sensors. And although they shine when playing your favorite song, they also sound great during voice calls (and they’ll make you sound great, too).

On a full charge, Sony’s latest headphones last up to 30 hours. And if you forget to charge them and you’re in a rush, it only takes about 10 minutes worth of charging to give you five hours of playback. With a few other cool features, like wearing detection that pauses playback when you take off the headphones, these headphones are easily one of the best in the biz right now.

Experience Top-Quality Noise-Cancellation

Sony WH-1000XM4

These headphones sound amazing and have top-tier noise-cancellation technology built-in so you can tune out the world when you want.



For More Discreet Listening: Jabra Elite 85t

Jabra Elite 85tJabra

If the person you’re buying for this holiday season tends to listen to music on the go, earbuds might be a better choice than headphones. They’re more discreet. And it’s easy to slip one earbud in while leaving your other ear free if you want to stay in touch with the world around you. Jabra’s Elite 85t earbuds have advanced ANC technology, so you can tune the world out and focus on your favorite songs.

They also come with six-microphone call technology and wind protection, which means that you can take a phone call pretty much anywhere and sound great to the person on the other end. With both the earbuds and the charging case fully charged, you can expect up to 25 hours of use; the earbuds will last up to 5.5 hours, and the case about 19.5. When ANC is in use, the earbuds will last for about five and a half hours before needing to be charged by the Qi-certified charging case.

If you’re feeling like splurging on someone, give them Sony’s WF-1000XM4 earbuds. They’re quite a bit pricier, but your recipient will notice the premium difference. Plus, they boast longer battery life, amazing ANC technology, and a more responsive and clear sound overall.

For More Discreet Listening

Jabra Elite 85t

On top of being portable, Jabra’s Elite 85t earbuds sound pretty dang good with their advanced ANC tech.


$229.99 Save 35%

Stay Caught Up With New Music: Spotify Premium Gift Card

Spotify Gift CardSpotify

Music lovers obviously need music to listen to. What better way to make sure they always have access to the newest singles and albums from their favorite artists than with a Spotify Premium gift card! You can buy someone a full year’s worth of Spotify Premium, giving them ad-free and nonstop listening to tons of artists, big and small or old and new alike.

Plus, Spotify is home to quite a few awesome podcasts. A Spotify Premium membership might not get you ad-free versions of all podcasts because there are often pre-recorded ads, but you’ll have extra stuff to listen to when music gets boring (even though that’ll probably never happen).

A Bluetooth Speaker You Can Take Anywhere: JBL FLIP 5


A quality Bluetooth speaker that you can take with you anywhere is a must. The Flip 5 from JBL has awesome sound quality and on a full charge, it’ll give you up to 12 hours of playtime. Plus, it has an IPX7 rating for water resistance, so you can take it with you to the pool or the beach without having to worry about it getting ruined by a splash.

And if you have multiple JBL speakers, you can pair them together with the party boost feature via the JBL Portable app (Android/iOS). This is a fun option to have, but this speaker alone is more than powerful enough to fill a room or blast tunes out in the open.

If the person you’re buying for doesn’t need a waterproof speaker but is maybe just looking for a water-resistant speaker to fuel their shower singing, check out the Bose SoundLink Color II.

A Bluetooth Speaker You Can Take Anywhere


A quality Bluetooth speaker is necessary in life, and JBL’s Flip 5 is great for at-home listening or portable listening.



An Impressive Stereo System: LG CM4590 XBOOM


Stereo systems are an underrated buy for your home. People typically purchase simple Bluetooth speakers or smart speakers to blast music, but a stereo system offers more power and stronger, clearer sound. LG’s CM4590 system can pump out 700 watts of quality audio via Bluetooth, a USB connection, or a CD.

There’s even an Auto DJ feature that almost eliminates gaps between songs, so if you’re having a party, there won’t be any awkward silent lulls. Whether this stereo system is going in the living room to enhance TV audio or next to your computer to enhance game audio, LG’s system will easily impress.

If you want a stereo system that requires less overall wattage and is ever-so-slightly more affordable than LG’s system, check out PHILIPS FX10 stereo system. It comes with all the same connection options, including Bluetooth, USB, and a CD player.

An Impressive Stereo System


If you want your TV or game audio to have a little more oomph, invest in a stereo system for your home like this awesome one from LG.



For Concert Lovers: StubHub Gift Card

stubhub wishing you happy holidays gift cardStubHub

For anyone who loves the experience of going to concerts in person and going home with a sore voice, ringing ears, and a wide smile on their face, try out a StubHub gift card. There’s just something magical about going to see your favorite artists perform live and coming together with other fans of their music.

And what’s awesome about StubHub gift cards is that there’s a wide range of dollar amounts to choose from. So whether you want to treat someone to a discount off their next ticket or enough to cover a few concert tickets for free, you’ve got the choice. Gift cards range from $25 to $1000.

For Concert Lovers

StubHub Gift Card

Anyone who loves to go to concerts will appreciate a StubHub gift card to support their habit.

Listen to Concerts in Comfort: Loop Experience

Loop ExperienceLoop

Concerts are awesome, but that ringing feeling in your ears afterwards isn’t. And while traditional ear plugs can protect your ears from that, they’re not the best option because they can often reduce too much sound. Enter: Loop Experience ear plugs.

These hi-fidelity, noise-reducing ear plugs reduce decibel levels without reducing sound quality. So you can put these bad boys in during a concert and still hear everything clearly, from the songs played on stage to the people talking right next to you.

Listen to Concerts in Comfort

Loop Experience

Concerts can be even better with Loop Experience’s noise-reducing ear plugs; you don’t have to go home with ringing ears anymore. Score!



Throw It Back with a Vinyl Turntable: U-Turn Orbit Basic

U-Turn Orbit BasicU-Turn

Vinyl turntables are all the rage nowadays, for music aficionados and the average collector who doesn’t want to bother with CDs anymore. U-Turn’s Orbit Basic turntable has a Precision OA2 gimbal tonearm that helps combat distortion and a pre-calibrated cartridge that makes setup simple.

This turntable strikes the perfect balance between price and sound quality. Sure, there are plenty of other turntables out there that might be better overall, but they probably cost a lot more. It’s a terrific value. If you do have a bigger budget, however, check out Audio-Technica’s AT-LP120XBT-USB turntable. It’s absolutely worth the extra cost if you can spring for it.

Throw It Back With a Vinyl Turntable

U-Turn Orbit Basic

CDs may be going out of style, but vinyl is coming back into style, so give someone the gift of a sleek vinyl turntable.

Get Fresh Vinyl Every Month: Vinyl Me, Please Subscription

vinyl me please monthly subscription for fresh new vinyl recordsVinyl Me, Please

If you love playing vinyl records, why not grow your collection every month with a vinyl subscription? Vinyl Me, Please is one of the most popular vinyl subscription services out there, and for good reason.

There are currently four different Tracks, or subscription packages, to choose from, including Classics, Essentials, Hip-Hop, and Country. The Classics Track focuses on the best soul, blues, and jazz; Essentials includes must-have records across all genres and eras; Hip-Hop covers a combo of old school rap and new SoundCloud rap; and Country delivers both country classics and today’s top hits in the genre.

Though if you choose a Track and don’t like the vinyl record offered that month, you can change Tracks or swap it out with a different record that’s more up your alley.

Get Fresh Vinyl Every Month

Vinyl Me, Please Subscription

To support someone’s constantly growing collection of vinyl records, gift them a subscription to Vinyl Me, Please.

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