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An AI is livestreaming a never-ending bass solo on YouTube

ebac0200-446b-11eb-aa5f-05fe34b22d89Even the most dedicated musicians have to put down their instruments sometimes, but on YouTube, you can listen to a bass solo that keeps going and going. Dadabots, which is also behind an endless death metal stream, used a recurrent neural network (R…

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4 GarageBand Alternatives for Windows 10

4-garageband-alternatives-for-windows-10 While music creators have long awaited GarageBand for Windows, Apple seems to have no intention of ever letting that happen. For now, you’ll definitely need a Mac. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use GarageBand alternatives for Windows 10 if you’re a Windows user and don’t want to switch systems. None of the alternatives are exact replicas of GarageBand, but they’re still powerful music creation, mixing, and editing tools. Some are even free or offer free versions, making them well worth trying out. 1. LMMS LMMS, which was once Linux MultiMedia Studio, is an… Read more14169419.gif

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How to Add Music to Your Instagram Story

how-to-add-music-instagram-story-feature Instagram Stories are riding the wave in 2020. Introduced four years ago, Stories was created as a space where people could post more mundane photos without worrying about the impact they would have on their “curated” Instagram feeds. You might have noticed that some of your friends’ Stories may boast a musical component. If you’re wondering how you can add music to your Instagram Stories, then continue reading below. The feature has been available for a while now, but if you haven’t had the chance to try it out yet, then this may be the time to finally do so. Related: Top… Read more14137092.gif

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Spotify resets up to 350,000 passwords linked to third-party data leak

aa91e020-3899-11ea-9913-8dff9d89d026Spotify has reportedly begun resetting the passwords of up to 350,000 accounts that were breached as the result of a credential-stuffing attack. A company called vpnMentor, as found by ZDNet, says that it discovered a treasure trove of hacked account…

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Freedrum is a virtual drum kit that feels just like the real thing

For every kid who ever approached a parent with the earnest and eager request to start learning to play an instrument, you’ll find a parent who responded with a smile and said, “Sure, honey…anything except the drums, OK?”

Of course, drums are the throbbing, beating heart of any band, from rock bands to marching bands alike. — Read the rest

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How to Listen to Your Music on Any Smartwatch


If you’re thinking about buying a smartwatch, you might also be thinking about how well it’ll serve you when it comes to music playback—will it just act as a remote control for whatever’s on your phone, or will it actually stream and sync songs so you can listen to them anywhere (and leave your phone at home)? The…

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YouTube Music’s ‘Mixed for You’ is the Killer Feature I’ve Been Waiting For

The "Mixed for You" option on YouTube Music on a Pixel 5. Phone leaned against a coffee cup with a smart display and POP doll in the backgroundCameron Summerson

Earlier this year, before the demise of Google Play Music, I moved to YouTube Music to see if had improved from the first time I tried it. It hadn’t, and I was disappointed. Fast-forward to today, and I’ve still been using YTM—albeit begrudgingly. But as much as I’ve trashed it as a pathetic streaming music service over the last half-year, it recently got a killer feature that I love: Mixes.

What Are Mixes on YouTube Music?

Back at the end of 2019, YouTube Music got curated Discovery Mix, New Release Mix, and Your Mix playlists. The idea was to offer personalized playlists geared toward music discovery. The “Mixed for You” playlists are an expansion of the Your Mix playlist, expanding it from just one huge playlist to multiple more defined playlists. The Your Mix playlist is still available, too, but is now called “My Supermix.”

A screenshot of My Supermix on the web.

If you load up YTM and scroll down the main page a bit, you’ll see the “Mixed for You” section. There are seven mix variations here, alongside the Supermix. In short, these are revolving stations/playlists that are specifically curated by your listening history.

Mine are broken up mostly by genre, though the overlap on some Mixes is the best part. I listen mostly to rock, hard rock, metal, bluegrass, and rap (I’m eclectic, y’all) for pleasure, but I often throw ambient, electronic, and binaural beats into the mix while I’m working if I’m having a hard time focusing. Each Mix plays off of my listening history, with each one either taking on a new genre or flowing between similar genres.

So, for example, My Mix 1 consists of artists like Ghost (rock), TOOL (rock), The Dead South (bluegrass), and Gojira (metal). It’s an excellent mix that’s perfect when I don’t know what I want to listen to. My Mix 2 is similar, but gets heavier with bands like The Devil Wears Prada (metal), Make Them Suffer (metal), Oh Sleeper (metal), and…well, you get the idea. That Mix is as heavy as a tank and I love it.

From there, my Mixes ebb and flow through the different genres I listen to most often, with each playlist offering a slightly different vibe from the last. Mixes are great when you can’t decide what to listen to, but the Supermix is perfect for when you can’t even decide between Mixes—it’s basically a mix of all your Mixes in one. If your listening tastes are anything like mine, some of the transitions from song to song will really throw the brain for a loop. I dig it so hard.

Okay, But Are They Actually Good?

My Mix 1.

This sort of automatic playlist curation isn’t new, of course—if you’ve used other music streaming services (like Spotify), then you’ve almost certainly encountered something similar. And while I can’t speak to how well YouTube Music’s implementation compares to any other service, I can tell you that it’s really good.

Mix after Mix, YouTube Music just seems to nail my taste. Each one is a…mix…of both artists and songs I’m familiar with along with plenty that I’m not. I’ve found all sorts of new tracks thanks to YTM’s brilliant algorithms. And it’s not just me, either—I’ve talked with several people on Twitter who told me the same thing.

Also, these playlists are dynamic (which is why I generally think of them as “stations” instead of direct playlists). By that, I mean they’re more like daily mixes—each Mix rarely plays the same tracks day after day. This keeps things fresh and constantly introduces new artists and songs, so there’s always something different.

I’ve been quick to snap at YouTube Music for being a lesser-than service compared to other music apps—and even the one it replaced (Google Play Music)—so I’m happy to finally have a truly killer feature here. After months of using YouTube Music and wishing it was just better, this is a step in the right direction.

Mixed for You is available on both the web and mobile app—check it out for yourself by hitting the box below.

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