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How to Add Pronouns to Your Slack Profile

slack-featured-pronouns.jpg To have a more inclusive workspace, Slack added the option to add gender pronouns, which you can display on your profile. This allows your colleagues to learn how you wish to be identified. In this guide, we show you how to add Slack pronouns on the Slack web and mobile apps. What You Need to Know About Slack Pronouns The Slack pronouns feature is available for both the free and premium versions. Similarly, both free and paid Slack administrators can allow their members to enable pronouns. Slack will show the added pronouns on your profile… Read more14651347.gif

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Slack Goes from Replacing Email to Replacing Discord with These New Features

Slack's new Huddles feature in action.Slack

Slack is adding a ton of new features to its repertoire, including a few that you actually asked for. Most of these new features aim to emulate the in-person work environment (but really just emulate Discord), while others bring straightforward improvements to the Slack interface. Here’s a rundown.

Slack Huddles: Always-Open Audio Chatrooms


Here’s my pitch for Slack Huddles—it’s like Discord, or Clubhouse, or the voice chat thing that Twitter is trying to do. Basically, Slack Huddles is an always-available audio chatroom. Employees can come or go at any time, allowing you to hash things out with your coworkers and bypass the time-consuming Zoom call.

Huddles includes options for video chat and screen sharing, though it’s really an audio-first feature. It could come in handy when you need to round up the gang for a quick brainstorm, and although I’m poking fun at it, Huddles does seem like a genuinely useful feature.

Slack says that Huddles is currently rolling out to paid teams. Depending on how long its rollout takes, you might need to wait awhile before hosting your first Slack huddle.

Video, Voice, and Screen Recordings: Skip the Typing


Sometimes, you need to express your feelings without the awkward barrier of text-based chat. That’s why Slack now allows you to record video or audio messages for your coworkers. Just press the camera icon in the message field, choose an audio or video message, and hit the ground running.

Oddly enough, this new audio and video messaging feature includes a built-in screen recorder. You can quickly record something on your screen to show coworkers, such as a broken webpage or a few slides from a PowerPoint presentation.

But the best part of this feature is actually Slack’s improved playback software. You can speed up or slow down any video dropped into Slack, or check automatically generated transcripts (which are keyword-searchable and archived for posterity).

Voice, video and screen recordings are coming to paid teams over the coming months.

Slack Atlas: Detailed Info on Employee’s Roles


Joining a new Slack team can be incredibly confusing, especially when you’re still learning everybody’s role in the company. Slack Atlas adds extra details to everyone’s profile, including a company hierarchy tree, so you can quickly understand who’s who.

Unfortunately, Atlas is an additional purchase that’s only offered to select Business+ and Enterprise Grid customers.

Slack Scheduled Messages: FINALLY!


Announced earlier this month, Slack is finally rolling out its long-awaited Scheduled Messages feature. Yes, you can type out a message, set a date and time for it to send, and schedule the dang thing. You can even use Scheduled Messages to send out photos, videos, or screen recordings—whatever your heart desires!

Scheduled Messages is rolling out for all Slack teams, not just the paid ones. You can access it from the expandable toolbar next to the Send Message button.

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Slack Is Getting Stories, Cross-Business DMs, and Discord-Like Voice Channels

Stories, Discord-like voice channels, and cross-business DMs may seem like impractical alternatives to standard working tools, but Slack thinks that the informal nature of these features can help coworkers connect to one another (and keep your nose out of Gmail or Zoom). Slack plans to implement these features in late 2020 and early 2021.

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Slack announces Connect, an improved way for companies to talk to one another


Virtual events are the new norm for product rollouts in 2020, with Slack taking to the internet earlier today to talk about a new part of its service called Slack Connect.

On the heels of Apple’s lengthy and pretty good virtual WWDC that took place earlier this week, Slack’s event, part experiment and part press conference, was called to detail the firm’s new Slack Connect capability, which will allow companies to better link together and communicate inside of their Slack instance than what was possible with its shared channels feature. The product was described inside of a business-to-business context, including examples about companies needing to chat with agencies and other external vendors.

In its most basic form, Slack is well-known for internal chat functionality, helping teams talk amongst themselves. Slack Connect appears to be a progression past that idea, pushing internal communications tooling to allow companies to plug their private comms into the private comms of other orgs, linking them for simple communication while keeping the entire affair secure.

Slack Connect, a evolution past what shared channels offered, includes better security tooling and the ability to share channels across 20 orgs. The enterprise SaaS company is also working to give Connect-using companies “the ability to form DM connections independent of channels,” the company told TechCrunch.

The product could slim down email usage; if Slack Connect can let many orgs chat amongst themselves, perhaps fewer emails will be needed to keep different companies in sync. That said, Slack is hardly a quiet product. During his part of the presentation, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield noted that the service sees up to 65 million messages sent each second at peak times.

According to the CEO, Slack Connect has been piloted for a few months, and is now available for paid plans.

Slack shares are off 3.8% today, before the news came out. Its broader company cohort (SaaS) are also down today, along with the market more broadly; investors don’t appear to have reacted to this piece of news, at least yet.

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