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What Is Girls Who Code, and Why You Should Care

If you take a look at the average tech company, you’ll see that the majority of employees are male. And we’re not talking a slight majority of employees, we’re talking three-quarters of them. The effort to close this gender gap and change the image of what programmers look like is precisely what Girls Who Code has set out to do.

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The Buildable Kano PC Now Has a Celeron CPU, USB-C, and Better Battery Life

Kano PC second generationKano

Kano makes some pretty awesome STEM kits aimed at kids, and none more awesome than its Kano PC. The DIY tablet looks like a kid’s first Surface, and it should: it’s running Windows 10 and designed in partnership with Microsoft. Today Kano is announcing a new model for 2020, with the same reasonable price point: $300.

Just like the previous version, kids assemble the Kano PC themselves, opening up the chunky transparent case to connect the battery and speaker to the all-on-one PCB. This improved version bumps up the processor from a slower Intel Atom to a new Celeron N4000, a dual-core chip that maxes out at 2.6GHz. This version also charges via USB-C, which should be easier and more widely compatible, and Kano says it can last for up to ten hour on a charge.

Elsewhere, the 11.6-inch touchscreen, folio-style keyboard and touchpad, MicroSD card slot, and Windows 10 home operating system remain unchanged. The SoC has 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM built in, and can’t be upgraded. Kano’s suite of learning tools is included, with the LEGO-inspired coding program a particular highlight.

Kano also announced a series of basic accessories: headphones and a USB mouse that kids can assemble, and a USB dongle-style webcam for video conferencing. All of them work with the Kano PC, and of course, anything else with the right jacks.

Source: The Verge

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