Life is complicated. We understand how hard it is to make ends meet for some of us, and we want to help. So, if you tell us about someone you know who really needs some help getting online, we’ll help them get a free PC*!

That’s right. Let us know why you think they need it. Tell us the whole story. These aren’t top of the line cutting edge pcs here…but they work. Email. Web. All the basic stuff EVERYBODY needs.

We could sell them, but why?  We’d rather find people who really need a PC, and put them together with one. All info you tell us hush hush. We’re just trying to help here.  No catch. Send your story in an email to – don’t forget to give us a way to reach you if we can help.

Don’t wait too long… we have a limited supply to give away, so we probably won’t have them for long.

PC Team

ps: Don’t be an jerk create some bullshit story…we’re trying to help people in need, and we fact check.
#FreeComputer #FreePC #PCH3lp

Email Spoofing: Explained (and How to Protect Yourself) | Jason P. Stadtlander

*Limited Local Areas in CT/NY – We’ve been located in Danbury, CT since 1998