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Android Users, Beware.

We’ve started seeing some almost believable malware, popping up on our Android devices. Remember never to click on ANYTHING that pops up while you’re browsing the web, no matter how much it looks like it came from your operating system or phone vendor.

We got the scary virus warning below clicking on an article on a political website (repeatedly, alternating with another dubious click-hole). It references a “hacking event” with yesterday’s date, and there’s even a 3 minute countdown-to-disaster timer. (HURRY! You better click NOW!) They even throw in the phone model for good measure, and it looks like it could be from Samsung, or a notice of an Android update. Yeah. Could be. But…It isn’t.

Don’t be fooled. Never click on pop ups. When in doubt, just hit BACK.

How to Update Windows Right Now to Fix PrintNightmare | Digital Trends

Run Windows Update and Reboot to make sure the latest patches are installed.

No matter what version of Windows you are running, you need to update NOW. If you are truly paranoid, shutdown your Print Spooler service, and set it to Manual start. You’ll need to start it to print to a network printer, but you will protect your system and network from this serious threat. Check out the article from Digital Trends below.

To Our Customers: If your servers are managed by Proactive Computing, they are already protected from the PrintNightmare threat. But please follow the instructions below to update your Windows PCs and Laptops today.

How to Update Windows Right Now to Fix PrintNightmare | Digital Trends